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    One thing that has completely changed the makeup game in the past few years is Makeup Sponges. Every once in a while a new kind of makeup sponges hits the market that the world goes crazy about.

    Makeup sponges have become a trend. Every girl who uses a makeup sponge for foundation application is happy with it, but we have discovered that there is somebody who is extremely unhappy with these Beauty Blenders and that is YOUR DERMATOLOGIST!

    Makeup sponges are prone to growing Fungi and Bacteria. The moisture inside the makeup sponge provides the perfect habitat for the Bacteria to grow. Even cleaning your makeup sponges won’t really help. The sponges turn out to be a hazard for your skin when you leave it to air dry eventually.




    The bacteria and fungi that build up on the surface can spread to your skin. This causes a number of problems such as infection, redness, swelling, and even breakouts. Every time you re-use a makeup sponge, there is a chance that it is already contaminated, therefore resulting in immense skin damage.

    However, if you absolutely must use a makeup sponge, there is the trick. The only way to work a makeup sponge is to dispose of it after the first use! Sounds wasteful right? Not to worry, we have a great alternative for you guys!

    The best way to protect your skin is to use makeup brushes. Brushes tend to get less contaminated and provide equally seamless coverage. All you have to do is to clean your makeup brushes properly to save your skin from any sort damage.

    How to clean your makeup brushes

    Follow these simple steps to clean your makeup brushes:

    1.  Wet them thoroughly with water
    2. Rub them gently onto a bar of Dettol soap
    3. Rinse them with warm water
    4. Wash one more time with a gentle shampoo (we recommend Johnson and Johnson Baby Shampoo as it works extremely well and keeps the bristles soft.) Click HERE to shop!




    So ladies, here is our message to you: Please Dont Risk Your Skin for the Sake of Following Trends. Let’s invest in our skin today, as it will represent us for a very long time!



    Stay hooked to for more interesting & useful tips, tricks and hacks! Happy Grooming!

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