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    Beauty HookedWhat the Wives of the Richest Men Look Like - Beauty Hooked

    Logic would say more the money,  more the glamorous, botox-ed a bit too much, drowning in Gucci and Louis Vuitton would be the wives of the richest men on the planet. But logic, in fact, may have us fooled. We often think that the “richest wives” would be spending their days in spas and salons looking like supermodels. Or, getting their hair and nails done by the finest in the industry… but is that really true?

    Let’s find out: 

    LUCINDA GATES, wife of Bill Gates

    Wife of the most famous billionaire, Bill Gates, has been married since 1994. And, in their 23 years together, she has raised 3 children with him. Bill Gates’ fortune is more than a whopping $80 billion!!! Also their love story is that she was a company employee and they met in the late 80’s at a conference organized by Microsoft. Isn’t that just so cute! <3 She’s a beautiful lady, even at 52. She’s allowing her skin to age naturally, but is also taking care of it because it’s glowing! Her hair has the most game, I must say. Love the color and simple blow-dry look in almost all her pictures. And anyone can achieve this… even you and I. So agreed Lucinda Gates isn’t too over the top and I respect her for that!


    PRISCILLA CHAN, wife of Mark Zuckerberg

    Another very famous billionaire, because of whom we have Facebook, is Mark Zuckerberg. His fortune is tagged at more than $50 billion and it continues to get more and more every passing day! He met Priscilla while he was still a student at Harvard. The two got married in 2012 and now have an adorable little daughter together. I personally love how Priscilla has stuck to her natural hair color. Pretty often I see her experimenting with her hair, so that’s a major thumbs up! For her face, she goes for a natural and casual look, which I greatly admire… and also because she has pretty darn good skin tbh. Respect her for keeping it casual and real!


    LUCINDA SOUTHWORTH, wife of Larry Page

    Larry Page is one of the founders of Google, and even being one of the founders he has a net worth of about a staggering $30 billion. Anyway, he got married to his partner Lucinda a few months after meeting her. Rumor has it she hates the paparazzi and tries to stay away from the spotlight as much as she can! For a 37 year old, she has great skin! Even though her big, shiny forehead manages to make it into every picture, I still love her style and her bob is just amazing. Simple and very elegant!


    MACKENZIE BEZOS, wife of Jeff Bezos

    Another billionaire created by the internet is the founder of Amazon who has a net worth of more than $60 billion! He met his partner in 1992 in office, where he instantly fell in love with her. They got married sometime later and now they have 4 children together! Happily ever after. This girl has some major skincare and cosmetic regimen cause she honestly looks like me when I was 14. And I was ugly hahahaa. Guess her age? FORTY SIX. Yep. 46 years old and sweeping us off our feet with that smile and game-winning skin! Moreover, the good part is that she’s stayed with her natural self and not destroyed her face, only because she’s married into billions.


    FLORA PEREZ MARCOTE, wife of Amancio Ortega

    Amancio Ortega owns Inditex which is the world’s largest and most successful multinational with brands names like Zara, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, etc, under its belt. He has a shocking net worth of MORE than $70 billion alone! His wife Flora was his secretary for a long time until they got married… because love just happens. She seems quite mature in age, but she’s quite fit and smart for someone her age. The fact that she’s not trying to look like a 30 year old with cosmetic surgeries shows she wants to age naturally. And I respect her for that!


    SUSAN DELL, wife of Michael Dell

    The word DELL is familiar to us because Michael made it famous with great technology. Then he got very, very rich with it and has a net worth of more than $20 billion. His love story however is shocking, because he met his wife on a BLIND DATE and they apparently hit it off right there. I used to think every blind date was as big a failure as it was in Kal Ho Na Ho, but nope, these guys proved it wrong. He loved Susan because she was attractive and also very athletic, which led them to getting married and now they have four children together! Her natural smile is just amazing, and her strong, independent personality has completely wowed us. Moreover, she is the chair-woman of the fashion and style label Phi, which itself is pretty amazing. Way to go, girl!


    So, yeah, maybe these rich wives are not over-the-top after all, just wanting to live simple and moderate lives… from the looks of it! We hope you enjoyed this article and were struck by the information provided! Stay tuned to more articles! <3


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