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    Beauty HookedWhen and why you should go for a haircut - Beauty Hooked

    Brittle ends and dry hair that just won’t? Does finding a fix to this feel like a huge deal? Feel like your only option is to chop it down with a haircut?

    STOP! This isn’t your only option!

    Getting a haircut and experiencing new hairstyles can make you not only feel all new and gorgeous but it can also help boost your confidence in your entire vibe!

    Chopping down your long locks should only be done when you’re actually looking for a change, not when you’re being forced by your hair health!

    If you don’t know when you should actually go for a haircut, this is just the article for you!

    Here are 3 signs that you should go for a haircut right now!

    Trim up your hair!

    Hair strands are lifeless as no nerves are flowing through them. Ideally, you should get a haircut every 6 months to maintain your hair health! This is because the tips of your hair in simple terms are your old hair. This has stayed on your head the longest.

    Here’s another fun fact! This relates to a very common concern of yours, SPLIT ENDS! Split ends start from the ends of your hair and move upwards. These split ends are easily breakable, and as they move upwards can cause major hair breakage. So essentially, they ARE the reason you’re losing your hair if your hair is generally in good health!

    You should specifically trim your hair up if you do a lot of heat styling. these ends are the most damaged due to heat.

    Volume up!

    If you’re looking to volumize your hair, and you’re not getting the required results from your shampoos and conditioners, go for a volumizing haircut! This will not only add volume but give you a fresh new look! Rounded layers are your go-to for maximizing your volume!

    Follow the trend!

    Seeing the ‘New Hair, New Me’ hashtags on Instagram and wishing it was you? Well, why not! Here are the three hair trends that we are drooling over this season!

    Long Bobs for the win! 

    Short Bob!

    Rounded Layers!

    Got more hair concerns? Check out our website and book your consultation now with out trusted experts!

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