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    Beauty HookedWhat Is Your Skin Type? - Beauty Hooked

    The most important part of skin care and beauty is primarily knowing what your skin type is. If you don’t know what your skin type is, you may choose the wrong products for yourself and waste money. You may also choose the wrong products and deteriorate or further the (bad) condition of your skin type if it isn’t a good type. :p

    Before we start telling you how you can identify your skin type, just know that each of us are born with different skin types and we’re special in our own way, so don’t hate your skin. Just remember to love it and take care of it and it’ll be flawless forever that way. We promise! <3

    STEP 1:

    So the right way to identify your skin type is to give it a night-test. Basically you should cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser at night. Pat dry your face. Don’t put any moisturizer, cream, serum on your face and go to sleep!

    STEP 2:

    When you wake up in the morning, just grab a blotting paper or a tissue paper. Pat the paper on your skin to see if there are any oils on your face or not.

    By doing this, you should be able to identify what areas of your skin are in which condition, hence we can begin categorizing your skin into its respective types.


    So like the skin type literally says, if you don’t feel your skin is too oily or too dry and flaky, then you are most likely a normal skin type. You have great skin, minimal pores and don’t face any oily and dry skin disasters. You also don’t struggle with makeup, so consider yourself very lucky!




    If your blotting paper gives you oil on the nose, cheeks, chin, forehead and basically everywhere, then consider yourself the next place to be invaded by America for oil (just joking heheh). But really, you have demanding skin and you need to take care of it all the time!

    And, if you want tips & tricks to handle your oily skin, you should totally click here! 😉




    If your blotting paper doesn’t show up with any oil and instead you see little flakes (it’s okay if you don’t see flakes), then you have dry skin. Your type of skin does not maintain oil easily as it has a low level of sebum, unlike oily skin. If you don’t moisturize your skin, it is likely that your skin will dry and at times even irritate. This type of skin requires nurture and care.

    And, if you want to know the best skin care regimen for dry skin, we can definitely assist you in that too!




    Combination mostly means that your T-Zone (forehead, nose, chin) are oily whereas the remaining areas of your skin can either be normal or dry skin. If your blotting paper gives you oil only around the T-Zone and other areas aren’t, then you most definitely have combination skin. The best kind of treatment that you can give your skin is treating both regions differently, according to their conditions and requirements. If you can spot a neutral product that isn’t over drying or too oily, then go for it. This type needs twice the effort, so be prepared!




    Having this type of skin can feel like your face is on fire, in other words you feel irritation and inflammation. It isn’t the best kind of skin to experiment products on as it may give out a very scary reaction. So, you need to be informed about your skin and what needs to stay away from it. Skin problems like eczema or allergies majorly contribute to such skin. It is advised that you be careful about harmful ingredients which may have adverse reactions on your skin.



    We hope this helped you in finding out what your skin type is! 😀 If you’re still unsure about your skin, you can always ask our Beauty Experts for free advice! Stay tuned for more! <3


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