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    Beauty HookedThe Best Shampoo Based On Your Hair Type - Beauty Hooked

    Shampoo is an essential part of good hair-care. In the era of skincare and makeup, we often neglect the importance of caring for our hair. And, that’s why choosing the right shampoo based on your hair type is so crucial, as we need to ensure that our hair is under the right care. Therefore, we made a list of our tried & tested shampoos based on your hair type!

    1. Dry or Frizzy Hair

    This shampoo contains  essential  antioxidants aloe vera and sea-kelp designed to make the hair much softer and shinier. You are likely to notice a visible change in just a very few washes. Also, it helps to reduce frizziness in your hair and make it smoother.




    2. Anti-Dandruff

    Dandruff can be quite embarrassing, so why not control it using Head & Shoulders Anti Dandruff shampoo. It is actually pretty good and useful when it comes to dandruff control, plus it leave your hair with a wonderful smell!




    3. Hair fall

    Hairfall? A big no to that! Use Himalaya Anti Hair fall shampoo and say goodbye to hair fall once and for all!



    4. Oily hair

    Herbal Essence Drama Clean has a lightweight formula which works perfectly for normal to oily hair. The formula is said to be infused with green tea and citrus bloom, which results in beautiful and silky hair.




    5. Colored or dyed Hair

    Who said flawless colored hair is affordable and easy to maintain? But, now it can be! Maintain your beautiful colored hair using Herbal Essences Color Me Happy and make yourself and your hair very very happy.




    6.Damaged Hair

    This shampoo can be your best friend when it comes to repairing them from damage. In addition, it helps to  restore the hair’s protective layer and makes them silkier than before.



    7. For Volume

    Volume is not only for music, add some of it to your hair as well. Make you hair back again, with Herbal Essence’s  Body Envy Shampoo and make everyone go green with envy after they see your lush hair!




    8. For Length

    Want long and strong hair? What are you waiting for? Herbal Essence’s Long Term Relationship is the best option for you, it has a very sweet scent to it as well and makes the texture of your hair very smooth and soft, throughout the day. This one’s a keeper for sure!




    9. Straight Hair

    Maintaining straight hair isn’t that easy, especially if the weather won’t let you keep them however you want. But, no need to worry, because we have an easy solution for you! Sunsilk Straight Lock is the key to keeping your hair  straight and sleek, as it claims to have an advance straight-formula which helps in reducing frizz and straightens your strands.


    All these shampoos are easily available at Al-Fatah, so what are you waiting for? Grab yours today and let us know about your experience by commenting down below!

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