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    Beauty Hooked8 Ways To Use Rose Water In Your Beauty Regime - Beauty Hooked

    Rose water, given its versatile nature, is the jack of all trades when it comes to skincare and beauty. It contains various uses and is beneficial to almost every skin type, ranging from oily skin to normal to dry or even combination skin!

    Moreover, it is easily available and affordable and is mostly natural, which means that it’s free from preservatives and chemicals, and thus, not a danger to your skin if you self-treat your skin problems at home.


    Here are some of the uses of the all-around and sweet smelling rose water!

    Face cleanser:

    Part of every woman’s daily skin regimen is cleansing and rose water can be used for that very purpose. Feel free to spray on some sweet-scented rose water to remove makeup or even use as a hydrating spray after washing your face!

    An even better combination is rose water and glycerin mist which is available at Saeed Ghani and works wonders as a cleanser.



    After using a face wash, it is important to tighten your pores and for that rosewater is the best solution. It doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals so it is smooth and easy on the skin unlike most toners that burn when applied.

    For this you can use Qarshi Arq-e-Gulaab, as it is only purely rose water and doesn’t contain other ingredients.


    Hair conditioner:

    Rose water can also very easily be used on your hair if you need to add a soft touch to it, deep cleanse it or want it to smell like a thousand roses. Just use a minimal amount gradually through a spray bottle making sure you’re not soaking your hair completely in it.


    Oily skin:

    Rose water also easily treats oily skin without irritating or overly drying your skin. To best treat oily skin, use rose water in combination with lemon juice on the skin and then rinse it off with water. 

    However, we recommend you not to add an excessive amount of lemon juice as it will harm your skin.



    For moisturizing, apply rose water generously before applying makeup in the day. Apply it after taking off your makeup at night to let it work its soothing magic overnight. It’ll work as good as any moisturizer you use.


    Acne treatment:

    Moreover, rose water is a wonder for acne as its antibacterial properties keep the skin from catching bacteria and infection. It also keeps your skin very hydrated and stimulates skin cells. Just by mixing equal amounts of rose water and lemon juice (according to your need) and dabbing it onto affected areas of skin or all over your face with a cotton pad, you can achieve amazing results!


    Flawless foundation:

    By blending a little rose water into your foundation, you can achieve a flawless finish for a long-lasting foundation! It eliminates the cakey look of a foundation and makes it much easier to apply and blend into the skin.



    Additionally, mix a little bit of milk with rose water and spray it onto the eyes to reduce dark circles. It will also eliminate fatigue and helps to clean off eye makeup. But do make sure not to spray it into the eyes as it could irritate or dry them.


    Comment below and let us know if you found these tips and tricks useful!

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