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    Beauty HookedOh! So That's Why We Should Use Lip Liners! - Beauty Hooked

    It’s mostly a confusion as to when you should use a lip liner and if it’s really important in beautifying your lips. We used to consider it an unnecessary expense along with lip colors, but we’ve come to realize their importance. And, this article will make it more clear on how and when you should use lip liners!




    A lip liner is basically what primer is to foundation and what mascara is to eyelashes – you can go without it if need be, but when you have it on, it takes your look to another level. Plus, it helps your lipstick stay on longer, so why not?


    Shiny, buttery or moisturizing formula


    If your lipstick is any of these, then you should use lip liners, otherwise it can spread out more. Matte lipsticks usually stay in place, but moisture-rich formulas are hard to stop from spreading. Hence, secure it in with a lip liner!




    Uneven, thin lips


    Moreover, lip liners also help define uneven lips and create a natural outline, as long as it is matching with your lip color and not used in excess amount. Also, you don’t want to match pink lip color with purple lip liner, trust me. That being said, it perfectly helps you fake a big lip illusion by allowing you to move out a bit from your lip line making your lips seem more plump and big.




    As a lipstick


    You can also use lip liners as lipsticks, if you like! Just spread out the color with a lip brush and, you’re ready to go out and slay as it is! Plus. your lipstick won’t budge and you won’t have to reapply it over and over again!




    So, here’s when you should use lip liners, girls! It’s as easy as that! If you liked reading this article, comment below and stay Hooked to Beauty Hooked for more!

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