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    Up your eyeliner game by knowing the types of eyeliner and picking exactly what YOU need. Watch Beauty Hooked’s Insta- Pro onboard Rihab Khan from makeupbyrihabkhan give you an in-depth understanding! πŸ˜πŸ‘‡


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    Before understanding types of eyeliner, it is extremely important to know common eye shapes! πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨


    • Upturned/ naturally lifted eyes
    • Hooded eyes with extra skin on eyelids, creating a β€œhood”
    • Almond eyes are round overall and are narrow in the inner corners
    • Monolid eyes have zero creases or lid shape showing
    • Classic Round eyes!


    Types of eyeliners based on eye shapes! πŸ™Œ

    • Monolid/Hooded eyes should draw a straight line following the lash line on the top without any wings. If you’d like to add a wing, but make sure it is SUPER tiny!
    • Round eyes, since they are naturally round, you should add length and lift to round eyes by drawing a line close to the lash line and adding a wing to elongate, lengthen and lift the eye.
    • If you’d want to make your eyes appear smaller, use kohl on the bottom, draw along the bottom lash line and line your waterline with it. This will avoid any additional focus that comes to wider clean eyes.
    • If you wish for your eyes to look bigger, use white/bone colour eye pencil in your waterline instead of black, this will give the illusion of bigger eyes instantly
    • For hooded eyes that have a classic almond shape, draw a very thin wing, to begin with. Draw along your lash line and elongate/ extend the inner corner to create a cat-eye shape.

    Extra Bonus Tips:🌟

    • Felt tip eyeliner is a life save for beginners
    • Use a piece of tape on the outer corners to help you use it as a guide

    Beauty Hooked’s Pro Tips On eyeliners:

    1. Apply your eyeliner looking down into a mirror with open eyes! This shows you clear space and the area you’re working on. Eyeliner on closed eyes and pulled eyelid will look very different when your eye open and relaxed.
    2. Work on the troubled eye first. It’s no secret that we all have a lazy eye and eyeliner on that is just too difficult to match with the other eye, working on the eye that troubles you more first, will make it easier for you to begin with as you can easily copy that shape onto your good eye!
    3. Don’t pick what’s popular, pick what you’re comfortable with and have more practice with. Liquid, gel, pencil cake etc there are so many types of eyeliner and some people can create the sharpest wing with an eye pencil! So, work with what you are comfortable with.

    We truly hope you enjoyed it and you learned not only the technique but also what will suit you the most! Pair it up with the best basic eyeshadow guide and you’ve got yourself the BEST eye makeup! Stay Hooked, there’s so much more to come your way πŸ’•

    *Disclaimer: All articles published on Beauty Hooked are based on heavy and thorough research by our beauty consultants, makeup artist and experts. All products recommended have been tried and tested by us personally and only then recommended to you. All these products, at the prices presented, are as of the publication date of the article. Prices presented in the article may vary across retailers in Pakistan depending on the retailer’s margin.

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