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    Today we’re going to be listing down top salons for haircuts in Lahore to make your haircut appointments perfect! Hair is very important to us all and we always want nothing to go wrong with our hair style and length. Hence, it is essential we know if we can trust hairstylists with our hair, right? So, here’s how you can go to the best, trusted and top salons for haircuts in Lahore- with value for money! 

    So, just read ahead to see which salons made it as being the top salons for haircuts:

    Amna’s Cutting Edge

    Amna’s Cutting Edge is very popular among the ladies of Lahore for its great and moderately priced haircuts. A great team of stylists has been assembled at various branches to cater to the needs of the modern Pakistani woman. So, trust us when we say this: if you’re hesitant to let anyone manage your hair, you won’t be disappointed at the Cutting Edge!



    Ruby’s Splitends

    Another very well known salon, Ruby Hasan’s Splitends is the one of the best places to go to. Splitends is home to some of the most exceptional hair services one can find and that owes a lot to Ruby who has taken professional training to another level by adding Schwarzkopf, L’Oreal, Toni & Guy, Wella and Vidal Sassoon to her accreditations and qualifications. So if you’re looking to give your hair the finest treatment, head over to Ruby’s Splitends! Prices vary from 3000 to 10,000 . However, Beauty Hooked got you a whopping 15% discount on all services so avail it while you can! Here is their page on Beauty Hooked where you can see their price lists and book 24/7 online:



    Sante The Salon

    This cool, hip salon is the place to be if you’re sick of boring old salon decor. And, it’s also the place to be if you want your hair, and yourself, to be treated well, that too in an affordable price!
    The cuts by Redah Misbah the beauty and hair maestro at Sante are one of the best in town, and her patient, friendly air, and keen ear for what you want is very refreshing. We recommend you book an appointment with her, sit back, relax, and enjoy some chit chat with one of the friendliest hair directors in Pakistan and wait for the wow result when she is done working on your hair.   Sante, and Redah Misbah, will not leave you disappointed. Moreover, the cuts vary from 800 rupees to 3000 rupees only (depending on the stylist you choose)! Here is their page on Beauty Hooked where you can see their price lists and book online 24/7:



    Toni & Guy

    Toni & Guy is just one of those places that we’re lucky we have. This salon isn’t just for hair dressing, it’s the one that makes a fashion statement- and a very good one! At Toni & Guy, your hair is considered your most important accessory, hence, it is essential that it be treated with care and expertise. Which is why Toni & Guy has gone on to receive various accolades and awards for its catwalk to client philosophy. Over here you just need to leave your hair to the experts and they’ll give you your best look yet! Head over to Toni & Guy for fabulous haircuts ranging between 2500 rupees to 7000 rupees! Here is their page on Beauty Hooked where you can see their price lists and book online 24/7:



    Ali Teiseen

    If you know Ali Teiseen, then you should also know that this is major league. When you step into the world of Ali Teiseen, you’re in GREAT hands. From the ambiance to the impeccable services put in place for all sorts of clients, this salon is your go-to if you want exclusive haircuts. The stylists at the salon go to show how much attention there is to every single detail and needs of the clients. Ali Teiseen isn’t just another barber shop, it’s a magnificent hair and beauty experience that’ll make you wanna go back again and again. Of course with such exclusivity comes a price tag and that ranges between 3,500 rupees and 10,000 rupees. Here is their page on Beauty Hooked where you can see their price lists and book online 24/7:



    This it it, ladies! Try out these super awesome salons and avail great discounts on most of them through our website! We love you all and stay hooked!  We wish you get your best hair from these top salons for haircuts in Lahore!



    For more details,  log on to or call our beauty experts at 0336-3232889 and they will be more than happy to help you out on the latest hair trends and which salon is best for you to book at given your needs!


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