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    Beauty Hooked Top go-to braids to rock your everyday look! - Beauty Hooked

    Whether it’s a wedding, a casual hangout with friends, or your everyday office look, braid up your hair and rock your look sis!

    They give you a professional look, allow you to slay different hairstyles, and keep your hair manageable! Not, to mention they’re extremely convenient in the summer.

    If you’re looking for a cool new hairstyle, this article is just the right one for you! Here are our top three hair braids and how to do em!

    Dutch braid

    1. Brush your hair. make sure you get all the knots out. Your hair can be dry or a little damp.
    2. Brush your hair backward and take three strands to start the braiding process
    3. Hold the right strand in your right hand, and the other two in your left hand. Make sure to keep them separated.
    4. Start braiding from the right side and cross the right strand under the middle strand. Cross the left strand under the new middle strand and continue to braid
    5. Remember to cross first-strand under the second strand, and the third strand under the new second strand. Continue on till the length of your hair, and voila!

    Fish Tail Braid

    1. Like every hairstyle, the first step is to brush out your hair and decide which side you want your braid.
    2. Split your hair into two even sections.
    3. Take a small piece of hair from one side and bring it over and add it to the inside of the other side.
    4. Repeat on the other side, grabbing from the outside part of the section each time, and continue all the way down your braid.
    5. Continue all the way down your hair and secure with a hair tie.
    6. Once the braid is secured, in order to add volume to your hair, pull on the strands of your hair lightly and that’s all!

    Head Crown Braid

    1. Separate your hair into two equal parts
    2. Starting from the back, with the left side, take a handful of hair and separate it into three strands
    3. The easiest way to do this braid is to remember that the second strand will always go above.
    4. continue braiding your hair on one side, by adding more hair as your move around your hair length.
    5. when you’re done on one side, meaning you have reached the front of your head, continue taking more hair from the right side of your head and keep the process going.
    6. Once you’re done, secure with a bobby pin, and voila, you’re done!

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