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    Things Pakistani women face on the streets… of course we don’t need any introduction to this. Mostly us women go through a couple of things once we step out onto the streets and decide to walk. We are constantly trying to keep ourselves guarded and looking out for all and any dangers. And, that’s a very, very sad thing.

    While, some of us may have the comfort of walking freely on streets, I’m sure we have at least for once faced an insulting/humiliating/harassing experience on the streets. And, we want to let you know that you’re not alone and also that in whichever way we are abused and scared, it is WRONG.

    So, without further ado, let’s read what some Pakistani women had to say about their experiences on the roads and streets of this country.

    1. “I hate it when boys in cars with music blaring out, slow down and watch you walk, they even pass some undesirable comments, by making it highly uncomfortable. They should just mind their own business!”




    2. “It makes my blood boil when in crowded spaces men try to rub against you or accidentally bump into you and then quickly scatter away.”




    3. “I was once coming out from a hospital and a guy passed by in a car saying ”So sweet, thora smile kerliya kerain”. He didn’t even consider how stressful a situation might be, since I was walking out of the HOSPITAL!”




    4. “I was at a bus stop waiting for my college bus and out of nowhere suddenly a car full of boys stopped by and asked, if they could drop me somewhere. Society have put them on a pedestal, this is why they don’t even think once and have no shame before asking random girls such questions.”




    5. “I was outside my college, waiting for the bus, and a rickshaw driver stopped by and asked me if I wanted to go. I refused. He said he’ll give me a special discount if I hop on. I refused again. He then kept staring and suddenly without any shame, showed me his ‘assets’. I was so disgusted and to this day remain disturbed about that one thing. If I see him one day again, God knows where he’ll end up!!”




    6. “I’m sure a lot of girls have been hosts to crazy stare, hooting, men passing by saying baby, jaanu, MashaAllah, SubhanAllah. ”




    7. “I think grown women should at least be on young girls’ sides. I was once in the market and a woman kept giving me bad stares and kept making ugly faces when she looked at me. Later, she passed by me and remarked, ‘dekho zarra dupatta bhi nai pehna’. I mean, come on woman, we’re of the SAME gender, stop making others uncomfortable and let them live in peace!”




    8. “I was once waiting for my Uber outside my friend’s house wearing jeans and a considerably loose kurta on top. I had bangles on and hair done decently. Meanwhile, a police car passed by me and remarked, ‘zaroor date par jarai hogi!’ and then sped off.”



    9. “If people are staring at me, especially men, I usually stare back and gesture ‘kya masla hai?‘ with my hand and they usually look away agar thori si sharam ho. Once there was a middle-aged man who kept staring at me and even after I tried all my tricks to make him stop looking.  He continued and he smiled and winked like he was so powerful. So, I took off my chappal and threw it at him and made a scene. Needless, to say, I felt great after. 😀 ”




    10. “I was driving my sister to her tuition and a bunch of boys started following us and kept teasing us by slowing down the car right in front of us. Thank God, I lost them by taking the inner streets and dropped my sister off. I was so scared that day.”



    So, here you go girls, some disturbing experiences to say the least which Pakistani women go through. Every. Single. Day. But, we at BeautyHooked are also very happy that you chose to talk about your experiences and share them with all of us. Do you have a story of your own, you want to share it, just tell your story here!


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