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    Beauty HookedThings NOT to Do For Your Man this Valentine's Day - Beauty Hooked

    Valentine’s Day is approaching and like a lot of people we consider it the day to express our love and emotions for our men in the most romantic of ways possible. That being said, there are some things that men simply dislike or even hate, but try not to tell you since they don’t want to be rude and break your heart… especially on a day like Valentine’s Day when it’s all about mending hearts.

    So here are some things that they don’t like and won’t tell you about, but you should know before you go ahead with them.


    1) Get him flowers


    Firstly, with the exception of some, most guys don’t like flowers for Valentine’s Day. They don’t like flowers even on normal days! It’s not their thing. They don’t smell and cherish them. Moreover, guys don’t put flowers in vases and enjoy the scent… they just don’t, especially when instead of the high-priced flowers, you could’ve easily gotten them something they really like- like cool gadgets and salon deal gifts. Hence, flowers? They’d rather eat and kill those.


    2) Make him watch rom-coms with hotter dudes




    On this special day, you don’t want to be watching Magic Mike or How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days with your man around. While you’re busy savoring the beauty of Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey, your man may be dying a little inside, hoping for attention which obviously you wouldn’t give to him. So, take this Valentine’s Day to appreciate your man, not all those men whom you drool after the remaining 364 days of the year.

    3) Buy him cards


    The thing with cards is, what do you do with them? Guys don’t keep sentiment and keepsake boxes. Very seldom will you find one who actually likes to save all of those up. Your cards are gonna end up in the trash a year later because guys will never know what to do with them, where to keep them, whether to read them every day or just forget about them. There’s no use getting them cards with same, old messages with hearts and glitter. If you are considering cards this Valentine’s Day, get something funny and well-thought.

    4) Compare him with anyone else



    They get and understand your mom treated you with gold earrings when you turned 5 or your brother bought you a car last year. However, they don’t want to be compared with anyone. Things could be greatly difficult for them (financially) and they may not be able to come up to your huge expectations. They might have rent and bills to pay. And while they understand that you want to feel special, just don’t pressurize them to get you something. On top of that don’t compare them with someone by saying something like, “last year my friend took me to the best restaurant in Pakistan”. It kills the very essence of Valentine’s Day- which is to love and be loved.

    5) Get him teddy bears (especially those doused in red) or anything heart-shaped





    Lastly, guys don’t like stuffed toys. They don’t want overly-sized teddy bears to be found in their rooms when their friends come over- that’s major embarrassment for them. So either your man’s gonna get embarrassed by placing it on his side table or your gifted teddy bear is gonna end up in a wardrobe. Additionally, don’t get them heart shaped things. Those things they make for Valentine’s Day aren’t even properly shaped like hearts- be it chocolates, tea bags, cakes, whatever. They don’t also like those “your side, my side” bed sets. Same goes for pillow cases with your pictures printed on them… yeah, that’s over doing it. Pictures belong in picture frames and cell phones, not on something you rest your head on.




    So, here’s what you should NOT do for you man on Valentine’s Day. Just have a nice time, free of any over-the-top material expectations. And, simply appreciate each other without being creepy with gifts and presents. Stay tuned for further helpful and funny posts on Valentine’s Day and more! 

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