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    Are you in search of the easiest way to control dandruff and stop the flakes fall? You’ve come at the right place!

    Dandruff is extremely common, its a scalp condition where white/off white flakes of skin are seen in roots. These flakes end up on your clothes too! Another symptom is itchy scalp!

    While its not contagious, a lot of people feel embarrassed of carrying the flakes on their head and clothes and the need to control the urge of scratching your scalp in public.

    Mild dandruff can be easily controlled with a generic cleansing shampoo and some patience, however, that’s not always the case.

    Sometimes more attention and specific products are required to control the flake fall! But before we move onto the do’s, let’s check out the don’ts!


    •   Cold weather and overheated rooms can cause the condition to worsen!
    • Use products specifically made to keep it all under control – it’s a trial and test process so patience is important!
    • Remember to wash out the shampoo and conditioner properly! You want to avoid any product build up, it will definitely worsen the situation!


    • Food helps! Include zinc, good fats and food rich in vitamin B.
    • Maintaining happy scalp! Do this by brushing and washing your hair regularly!
    • Pick Beauty Hooked’s recommended shampoos!
    • Say bye-bye to dandruff by trying our recommended DIY!

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    Dandruff DIY:

    Well, this is more like a “treatment” than DIY. Nourish your scalp with the goodness of…drumroll… OLIVE OIL! This is the safest, most trusted and the EASIEST treatment for dandruff!

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    And there you have it guys! Shop NOW at Beauty Hooked and don’t forget to follow us for more amazing beauty tips!

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