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    Concealer is an important step in a makeup routine, because if it’s a good concealer, then it successfully hides all our imperfections… Maybelline’s Age Rewind concealer and Tarte’s Shape Tape concealer both sell like hotcakes, in the market. Just as we’re wondering, we bet you’ve wondered this as well, if they were to have a faceoff… Who would win?

    At Beauty Hooked, we’re going to go through all the goods and bads of each concealer and reveal our verdict…

    May the best concealer win.



    Maybelline Age Rewind (8/10)

    It comes in a reasonably packaged, plastic, tube that curves up, and it has a sponge tip which also excretes the product. Although to excrete the product, you need to twist part of the concealer.


    Tarte Shape Tape (9/10)

    The packaging of Tarte’s shape tape is extremely cute, we love the purple signature pattern on the wand. The wand grabs a decent amount of the product and you’re not required to place it back to obtain more product.

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    Maybelline’s Age Rewind (9/10)

    It is designed to blur away any dark circles or other imperfections.


    Tarte’s Shape Tape (8/10)

    It is a hydrating concealer, which does not cake up, upon application.


    Image result for maybelline and tarte concealer swatch


    Maybelline Age Rewind (9/10)

    It has a runny consistency, however, it doesn’t require much time to set in place.


    Tarte Shape Tape (9/10)

    It isn’t a thin or runny concealer, in fact, it has some thickness to its formula, thus it feels substantial on our skin. However, don’t worry about it since the thickness gives you scope and it does not wrinkle or settle in the pores.

    Image result for maybelline and tarte concealer swatch


    Maybelline Age Rewind (8/10)

    Comes in 12 shades.


    Tarte Shape Tape (9/10)

    Comes in 14 shades.

    Skin Type 

    Both are reasonable for ALL skin types.


    Both concealers blend effortlessly, they set very quickly, therefore, you’ve got to be quick. You should use a Beauty Blender to blend the formula without any issues.



    Both concealers give full coverage and both concealers have high pigmentation. Indeed, even the thinnest layer goes a long way. You don’t require a color corrector underneath, both cover those dark circles and flaws perfectly.


    Both have a flawless finish. They set without any other product, so there is no need to set it with a powder. These concealers are both high coverage so putting on extra powder may dry them down, influencing the face to look dry and cakey.



    Maybelline Age Rewind (9/10)

    Rs. 1250/ Al-Fatah


    Tarte Shape Tape (6/10)

    Rs. 3800/ Al-Fatah



    Maybelline Age Rewind (9/10)

    Available in Pakistan Nationwide.


    Tarte Shape Tape (6/10)

    Available online and at certain retailers with additional costs

    Beauty Hooked Rating

    Maybelline Age Rewind (9/10)

    A great concealer, the coverage, availability of shades and the formula is awesome. It is also less expensive and easily available in Pakistan!


    Tarte Shape Tape (8/10)

    A close call to the Maybelline Age Rewind, however, it is quite expensive and not easily available in Pakistan.


    Beauty Hooked’s Faceoff Winner Concealer is Maybelline’s Age Rewind!

    Image result for maybelline age rewind is winner

    Comment below and let us know, which other products you would like a Face off between! 

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