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    Beauty HookedSummer Tips To Make Your Makeup Last Longer - Beauty Hooked

    We all love summers in every way, but when it comes to our face, summers can be a threat specially to our makeup. What’s the purpose of spending hours and hours on doing makeup, when it ends up just melting or fading away  during the day? But, you don’t need to worry now! Because BeautyHooked has got your back and here our some beauty summer tips to make your makeup last longer!


    1. Setting Spray

    A setting spray comes in a mist form or a spray.  It is quite similar to a primer, as they both have the some purpose. However, a setting spray is used as a top coat to lock in all your makeup and make it last longer, whereas a primer is used in the initial phase. So, right after you are done with your makeup, just spray it all over your face and let it dry. What a makeup setting spray will do is that, it will lock in all the make up and your makeup won’t budge off the entire day. How amazing is that!





    2. Translucent Powder

    Translucent powder, also known as a setting powder, is excellent for giving the makeup a finishing touch. In addition, it helps to make your overall makeup appear flawless for hours, without the need to touch up. Furthermore, it is great, as it keeps all your liquid makeup such as concealer, foundation and contour in place. Also, it prevents your makeup from looking all cakey, which no one really wants. The technique to apply is known as “baking” and it is fairly simple. Firstly apply a coat of the powder under your eyes, after you are done applying your  concealer. Then let it stay and set for a few minutes, and then dust it off using a powder brush. And, you’re good to go!


    3. Primer

    Applying a primer is essential before makeup, as it makes your foundation application much smoother and easier. Additionally, it makes the makeup last much longer, controls makeup from melting and prevents skin from getting oily. Lastly, it reduces the appearance of pores or fine-lines from being  prominent on the face, resulting in a flawless finish.




    This is it from our side, with our summer tips to make makeup last longer. Comment down below and let us know what are yours?

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