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    Beauty Hooked12 Sweat-Proof Summer Makeup Tips To Keep Your Makeup Looking Fresh - Beauty Hooked

    So it’s time for SUMMER in Pakistan. We’re excited, but apparently makeup doesn’t really love you when it’s over 40 degrees outside. Pighal raha hai yaar. And, foundation stains on your dupatta are going to be the issues other than the ones we face as a third world country. Most girls just give up doing everything, and only wear makeup when it’s necessary. But even then, they face some issues with wearing makeup the normal way since they sweat when they are jumping from one AC to another. So, we decided to tell you guys some must-have summer makeup tips to keep your face from melting off this summer, and for beating the heat while looking pretty  and proper. 




    Sunblock and SPF added to face products

    I know, us Pakistanis are like what? Sunblock is for goras, we don’t even get sunburns, HOWEVER, it does definitely help with protecting our skin from the hard Pakistani summer heat. It will help in the long-run as well, and save your skin from quick aging and sunspots. Moreover, protect your lips from the sun as well, and make sure your chap-stick has some SPF in it.



    Face Mist

    This is just for a cool refreshing feel, so you don’t feel sticky and overheated during that hard dupeher ki dhoop. Evian has a really good face mist that makes you feel at ease as you spray it on. A good thing to keep in your purse for sure!




    Blotting papers

    If your face tends to get oily and sweaty, when it’s hot (all of us LOLZ) keep some blotting papers, with you to blot off that excess oil so your makeup doesn’t get messed up.




    Skip the shimmer

    Shimmer is going to mix with your sweat and make your face look shiny and glossy and weird. Skip the shimmery blushes, bronzers and face powders and stick with matte powders for your face. It will give you more of a clean look and keep you from looking weird in the camera while you’re taking selfies.




    Powder contour

    Don’t use cream contours, it will be more prone to smudging, moving off your face onto your clothes and ruining them. Use powder contours for more precision and because it will be less likely to move around on your face or onto your clothes.





    This is an important one!! Use a primer before your makeup so your makeup doesn’t literally slide off your face. Primer makes sure that your foundation sticks on and stays in place. So, don’t skip this step ladies!




    Stay away from kajal

    It’s very easily smudged, and unless you want to look like a raccoon or like you’ve been crying for 3 hours, you might want to stay away from kajal. Also, its very hard to take off. Stick with liquid liner and minimal kohl eyeliner you’ll be just fine. Or if you want an easy solution to your kajal smudging, you might want to see this




    Stick foundation

    Don’t use a liquid foundation, it’s less sticky and probably gonna melt off your face. But, stick foundation will stick onto your primer better and ensure that you can have a full coverage face, without any problems. A thin layer will give you enough coverage and avoid the heavy sticky feeling.




    Setting spray

    Primer is your base, and setting spray should be your last step. This will lock your makeup in and set your face so your makeup can stay put. Fix plus, by MAC or for an affordable alternative, elf setting spray will work just fine.




    Mineral powder

    Set your face with a mineral powder to give your face a clean and polished look. Moreover, use a loose powder that keeps your face matte, while you’re out.




    Line your lips

    To keep your lipstick lasting long, line your lips before you put it on. That will make sure your lines stay crisp and the color stays fresh.




    Keep things light

    At the end of the day, you need to stay away from a heavy caked face and these savior items like setting spray and primer will only do so much! Keep your makeup light, so you don’t cry when it melts off.





    So here you are! Follow these summer makeup tips and you’ll hopefully be grease-free this summer. Comment below and let us know if you have more tips to beat the heat this summer!


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