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    Bye bye winter and hello spring colors! Let’s say goodbye to winter and dry hair and skin, dull colors and the cold weather. Spring time is right around the corner and we are ready to rock some bright and beautiful colors in 2017. Here’s a guide on what colors are in this year and how these are going to make statements this spring season!


    Peach color screams spring! Add this into your makeup, clothing and nails for a cute and subtle hint to your look. Buy a peach colored bag to play up your outfit and give it a fresh vibe. A skinny belt to keep your jeans up in a peachy color will also give your look a splash of color and of course, will look amazing on your nails whether you decide to add matte top coat or keep it shiny.





    Mint green

    How can you not love mint green? This is the perfect color to add into your look but in moderation. This would look amazing as a matte nail color or as an accessory. Even a line of mint green eyeliner (use eyeshadow and an angled brush!) underlapping on your normal black liquid liner will give you a happy and light feel.






    Yellow is always a staple to the spring season. For yellow-haters, there’s a million different shades to incorporate into your style, for example mustard yellow and lime yellow which always give you a splash of fresh color. Also yellow accessories and shoes can be a statement piece on your whole outfit. Love it!






    Coral is a classic! This will look amazing in your wardrobe, nails and makeup. A coral lipstick is a must in your collection and will come into use in the next few months, and onto summer. Getting a pedicure with a coral colored polish will also look super cute!





    Mocha brown

    Of Course we can’t forget our browns this season. Brown is an earth tone and will look good on anyone, as long as its a nice shade. Neutrals are used all year and work everywhere, but this particular shade will work amazing and still give your look a lift and will work with our pyari golden skin *add brownprincess emoji*





    Add these colors into your look and we promise you’ll be looking fabulous this 2017, and ready for summer to come. We’re loving these trendy spring colors and hope you try them out for yourself, colors can change your moods so make sure you come out of the winter gloomy wardrobe and get into the spring mood. Shuru hojao larkiyo!

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    Stay BeautyHooked. 🙂

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