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    It’s skincare myth busters time!

    There are far too many skincare myths out there and we are here with the TOP 5 most common ones!


    If your skin gets dry, irritated and rough in when just starting retinol, you should stop using it. NO! If you have JUST added retinol to your routine, and if your skin feels irritated, instead of stopping it completely, you need to reduce the frequency of application!

    Retinol is the magical ingredient that we’ve been blessed with, don’t shun it!


    Oily skin doesn’t need moisturizer. FALSE! If anything, you’re making your oily skin OILIER by using mattifying cleansers, toners etc. and not hydrating it.

    Our sebaceous glands work a little extra than required when we’ve got oily skin. Mattifying it fully with other skincare puts these sebaceous glands in panic mode because they can sense the zero presence of “natural oils” on your skin, so what do they do when they panic? THEY OVER PRODUCE THE OIL!

    So, stop neglecting moisturization for oily skin and pick formulas that are non greasy and gel like.

    Sunblock skincare myth

    The higher the SPF the better at skin protection, NEH! Anything over spf 50 is not worth buying according to Dermatologists. SPF 50 provides you protection of 98% from the UVB rays, whereas SPF 100 will provide you 90% protection.

    There is little to no difference in picking a higher factor spf, instead, what you need is to pick between spf 15 to 50, apply liberally and reapply as per recommendations.

    Half to 1/4 of a teaspoon, often also measured as the two finger loaded quantity is ideal for vast majority. Remember this quantity is for face + neck!


    Your pores open with hot water and close with cold water. FALSE! Pores do not stretch out and shut. Their visibility gets effected with age as our skin looses elastin and collagen and as the skin becomes “droopy”.

    Another MAIN reason why pores appear larger with time is because they’re blocked with dead skin and excess sebum.

    Your answer to this problem is exfoliation and anti ageing skincare to be used timely. Instead of splashing your face with hot then cold water for pores.

    Last and the worst skincare myth

    The harder you scrub the better for your skin. OMG stop destroying your skin! This is absolutely false.

    The gentler you are with your skin, the better! This is that golden rule of skincare. Just scrub your face three times a week with a physical exfoliant being gentle but while giving it some time or better yet, moving onto chemical exfoliants!

    And there you have it, some EXTREMELY important skincare myth that needed to get debunked!

    *Disclaimer: All articles published on Beauty Hooked are based on heavy and thorough research by our beauty consultants, makeup artist and experts. All products recommended have been tried and tested by us personally and only then recommended to you. All these products, at the prices presented, are as of the publication date of the article. Prices presented in the article may vary across retailers in Pakistan depending on the retailer’s margin

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