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    Beauty HookedSkin Deep Product Breakdown and Review - Beauty Hooked

    Hey guys! Today we’re going to be reviewing 3 products by organic beauty brand from Lahore that is called Skin Deep! First of, we’d like to mention and thank Skin Deep for sending us this package to review. We’re very happy to know that a good amount of organic beauty and skin products are hitting the market. Secondly, in this article we will look at all the pros and cons of each featured product, to make it easier for you to make the best purchase decision. So, let the Skin Deep Review start!



    We were sent 3 products in total:

    1. Skin Deep Organic Face Wash (Rs. 999)
    2. Skin Deep Vitamin E Night Cream (Rs. 999)
    3. Skin Deep Miracle Shea Butter (Rs. 999)

    General impressions: 

    ♦ All 3 products smell so great!
    ♦ There is no ingredient/content information on the bottles and packaging- customers like to be informed about what they use and it’s more assuring that way. Moreover, instructions on expiry and even temperatures to keep the products at would really be of some help!
    ♦ The jar packaging is cute, but the boxes need a bit of a face lift though.
    ♦ Quantity is good!
    ♦ All 3 products are priced at Rs. 999 and while we agree at that for the night cream and shea butter, it may be a bit much for the face wash considering it’s used more.

    Okay, now coming to the individual reviews:


    Skin Deep Organic Face Wash



    So on what the mixture is, the Skin Deep page says that it contains Dr. Bronner’s Organic Castile Soap, Neem, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Camellia Sinensis Leaves and Honey! It claims to give your clear, fresh and radiant skin and especially targets problems like acne, pimples and dark spots.

    And they’re right! They’ve completely won us over with this one.


    1. The Skin Deep Organic Face Wash is so gentle on the skin and that is definitely because of what they chose to put in it.
    2. This face wash actually gives you clear skin in a few days of using it, it also doesn’t dry your skin and it also doesn’t make it oily and cause break outs. In fact, it prevents them.
    3. Some significant spots do go away as well!
    4. It takes around two pumps of the face wash and you can properly wash your face. So you don’t have to throw in too much.
    5. In the bottle that we got, the face wash has a pump so it’s actually easier to use and less wastage is ensured too!
    6. The face wash is quite liquidy and light, there were no problems faced for it to lather up.


    1. Like we mentioned before, it could be better if the price was a bit lower.
    2. The bottle packaging is a little off- for those who care about how it looks.

    Skin Deep Vitamin E Night Cream



    This cream claims to relieve skin dryness and fine lines without making it oily or greasy. It’s anti-aging properties make sure to boost collagen production and repair fine lines, wrinkles.

    NOW, this Vitamin E Night Cream may actually be my personal favorite for a long time. I usually wake up with an oil field on top of my face and I can say that for 23 years of my life I have woken up with an oily face… except for the first time I tried this cream on (of course I used their organic face wash before) and the results were amazing! Don’t know how they got that right but they’ve got a lifelong customer for this night cream.


    1. The following morning, the skin was soft and a good type of dry- it was like SILK.
    2. Its consistency is rather liquidy, easier to spread out!
    3. The texture is very soft- makes it easier to apply, easily slides on.
    4. It’s very light on the skin, no heaviness or greasiness.
    5. Love the packaging! Very cute!
    6. Also has a bunny rabbit on the lid to show Skin Deep is cruelty-free!
    7. Very moisturizing.
    8. Doesn’t also get greasy and skin absorbs it very well. No breakouts so far!
    9. A little goes a long way!


    1. NONE!

    Skin Deep Miracle Shea Butter



    Skin Deep’s Facebook page saws that this product is made out of Grade A raw, Shea butter that they’ve flown in directly from Ghana! It’s the ultimate moisturizer for all things skin and hair! You can use it on stretch marks, on dry, split or dandruff hair, on burns or minor cuts… and the list just keeps going on.


    1. It smells oh so amazing!
    2. It’s consistency is to die for! So frothy and whipped- almost like cream.
    3. Melts onto your skin (sincerely, body temperature) and blends in as you spread it out.
    4. Intensely moisturizes your skin- say good bye to dry skin.
    5. It also treats dry, straw-like strands and literally brings them back to life.
    6. A little goes a long way so value for money!


    1. May get pretty oily if you use too much butter at once.

    That’s it, guys! Some great products by the new brand Skin Deep. Honestly their products work really well and they’ve pretty much left very little space for any sort of criticism! So if you would like to grab one of these to try for yourself, head on over to Skin Deep’s page on Facebook to purchase these products, or choose from the vast range of organic products that they are offering.

    Also,  do check our our Snapchat’s Special Review and keep following us on our Snapchat for more!


    Comment below and let us know, which other products you would like us to review for you and we’d love to do just that for you! 

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