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    Beauty HookedSay Goodbye To Oily Skin With This Daily Skin Regimen - Beauty Hooked

    Hi girls! Today we’re going to be dealing with oily skin types that are quite frankly a headache. Yes, we all know the struggle of possessing this type of skin. And, how much we have to keep praying to God to give us some part on our face that isn’t oily and greasy, yet it still remains and you’re just like: 



    So, we’ll be explaining how to have a skin care routine for oily skin and how to determine what should and should not be used on your skin. I know most of you often wake up and say: 



    So, here’s how you can do something about it:


    Cleansing Oil

    Cleansing Gel



    Zinc Oxide Sunscreen


    Cleansing Oil

    Cleansing Gel


    AHA/BHA Serum

    Retinol Serum

    Oil-Free Lotion or Cream


    Face Oils

    Clay Masks


    Your daily skin care routine explained:

    Considering that oily skin has high sebum content along with larger oil glands, the goal should be to ultimately control that oil. But also, to keep your skin cells slightly hydrated and to keep the skin from drying. Since, oil is a breeding ground for bacteria and bacteria leads to acne break outs. Therefore, it is advisable that you follow a strict daily skin regimen to avoid that. Moreover, you should wash your face around 3 times every day to keep the oil from staying onto your skin and causing pimples.

    Firstly, start your MORNING with cleansing oil to wipe off all dirt, oils and impurities that your skin accumulated overnight and also to wipe off any remaining makeup. This will clean your skin for the next step, which is to use a gel, foaming cleanser that is OIL-FREE, and also SULFATE FREE otherwise your skin will over dry. Then, go for a toner that has ingredients like geranium, sodium PCA or witch hazel. Also, you need to keep in mind that it should be alcohol-free as that could tap into your skin and dry it. In addition, invest into an antioxidant serum that contains any of Vitamin A and E. 

    Again, to moisturize, try to go for an OIL-FREE moisturizer so that your face doesn’t end up looking like the Gulf by the afternoon. You must not be under the delusion that skipping moisturizer will keep you oil-free. In fact, if you skip moisturizer it will lead your skin to oozing out more oil. Now coming to sunscreens, you should know that zinc oxide sunscreens are naturally anti-bacterial and so they control break outs which is great for your skin. Moreover, zinc oxide sunscreens will leave a more matte finish to your skin as compared to shiny and greasy skin.

    Then comes NIGHT for which you repeat the same steps until you come to the serum part. Here you use an AHA/BHA serum that brightens dull spots and evens out your skin tone. It will also reduce larger pores. Then finish off your night-time routine with an oil-free moisturizer and you’re good to go!

    And lastly, your WEEKLY routine can consist of clay masks to suck out the oil and shrink large pores. Make sure they’re gentle on your skin and you don’t use them long enough, as they can also really dehydrate the skin. You can also use face oils in super-dry environments if you like so that dryness doesn’t lead to production of excess oil.

    So this is it ladies, we hope you found this blog enlightening. And, we also hope that you will try to make changes according to this so that you can enjoy better-managed and improved skin.

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