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    Beauty HookedHow To Pick The Perfect Foundation Shade According To Your Undertone - Beauty Hooked

    Foundations are the most essential part of your makeup so it is necessary that you don’t get this core process wrong. It can make your look, but it can also break your look if it isn’t the right foundation shade for you!

    Due to limited testing options like samples, many of us still remain confused about the exact color of foundation to use on our skin. Most of us end up picking the wrong foundation shade and while it may seem like a way to whiten your complexion for the time being, it looks odd when it doesn’t match the tone of your neck or hands. Similarly, getting a darker foundation too, may look odd. So don’t make the mistake of getting too light or too dark a shade for your skin tone, because no one wants to end up looking like this!




    So, without any delay, here’s how you can easily identify the right foundation shade for your skin tone:

    Find your undertone!

    Undertones are usually categorized as COOL, NEUTRAL and WARM. You can figure out yours by looking at the veins inside your wrist, in day light.

    • If you have purple or blue veins, you are a cool tone. Your skin may have a pink, red or blue tint. 
    • If you have green or olive veins with a yellow or gold tint to your skin, you’re a warm tone.
    •  If you have blue and green veins with no tint, then you’re a neutral tone, which is sort of like an in-between.

    Foundations are mostly not made in neutral tones so in this case you may have to figure whether your tone is inclined more towards a cool tone or a warm tone and then go for a shade according to that.



    And, once you’ve identified what tone you are, it will become easier for you to pick the right shade.

    Follow  these easy steps to pick the perfect foundation shade for yourself:
    1. After identifying your undertone, visit a store from which you intend to buy a foundation. Make sure you can test a variety of foundations before deciding to purchase one.
    2. Take a little bit from some foundations that you shortlist. And, then apply to your jawline or neck to see the best results. We advise you not to apply it onto your wrist, as that might give misleading results.
    3. You would want to get a foundation that easily fades in and is closest to being translucent on your skin. In other words, it should disappear into your skin when applied!
    4. Blend it in and then go see in daylight, even take a selfie to see which foundation suits you best!
    5. Lastly, check how it compliments your skin in the indoors. If you’re satisfied with a certain shade, then you’ve found it! 


    Sometimes you may not be able to test foundations making it difficult to find the perfect one. Just remember that some foundations are often named “warm sand” or “cool beige” and similar names. Such names are there to hint you about which foundation to get according to your undertone.

    Foundations are an integral part of your makeup and normally a big investment. Various stores don’t refund when a bottle is opened. So, take time before deciding which one to buy. We hope this helped you learn how to pick one, comment below and let us know your favorite. Now let’s get our foundations on and be fabulous!




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