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    Beauty HookedHow to Be Photogenic: 6 Beauty Tips to Look Amazing In Pictures - Beauty Hooked

    Photogenic Beauty Tricks? Who thought you’d need advice on this. But honestly, we all need to learn a thing or two about being photogenic if you want good photos of yourself. Every step of our life we’re taking pictures. Heck, you’re out for ice cream on your own and you Snapchat! And in your pictures, of course you want to look your best. No more do you need to fill up your album with 40 photos of the same pose, same look YAYYYY!!!

    So today we’re going to be giving out some tips and tricks to look more photogenic in a flash! Here they are:

    1. Wear a sheer foundation (and also put it around your ears)

    So firstly, you wanna show some of your skin and not totally cover it up with foundation. That gives off a very cakey-fake look. To add some natural effect, try sheer foundation. In doing that you can cover up some major flaws and also look more natural by avoiding places you don’t want to cover. You also want to cover up your ears with foundation so that they don’t look a completely separate color from your face in pictures.


    2. Add blush/bronzer for some dimension

    Don’t miss this step because blush or bronzer gives your skin an extra definition, even in black and white pictures. Try an unexpected, darker color- not the usual pink- so that it adds more drama to your pictures and pops in the camera! Just lightly blush some on the apples of your cheeks and you’ll successfully give more shape and definition to your face!


    3. Fill in your eyebrows

    This is very important because if you have filled in eyebrows in pictures, you’ll notice they give more structure to your face. Filling them in can also make your eyes appear bigger. So if you’re looking for that then definitely shape your eyebrows and fill them in!

    4. Moist lips are your besties

    You want to make sure your lips look moisturized and hydrated in pictures. Even if you’re going for a matte lipstick, just dab a little bit of gloss or balm on your lips. That way they won’t look dry and flaky. If you forget to do this, you may look older and can risk losing your youthful glow in pictures.


    5. go for a white wall as your background

    Now that the makeup part is handled, you want to make sure that your background is light. Dark backgrounds are a big no-no! Also,
    make sure you’re facing source of light and not against it. This way you’ll get more crisp photos. If you have a white wall, make good use of it since that will brighten up your face and give out much better results.


    6. Elevate and tilt your camera for the best angle

    So, obviously no one wants to show a fat chin and neck dropping down in a photo. Hence we advise you to lift your camera up a bit till your forehead and tilt it down for a good angle. Make sure it isn’t too elevated and tilted because that way your picture may highlight some parts of your face you don’t necessarily like.


    So here you go! 6 foolproof photogenic beauty tricks that will make everyone drool over your photos and crown you Miss. Photogenic! Happy Grooming! <3

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