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    Beauty Hooked5 Body Language Habits Every Girl in Pakistan Should Adopt TODAY! - Beauty Hooked

    Body language plays an important role in determining your strength and power as an individual. In today’s male-dominated corporate world, us women need to be vary of a couple of things. Especially, how we present and conduct ourselves is of utter importance. Women have mostly been painted in a power-hungry, negative role by the media, as making their way up the ladder through “wrong” ways, and it’s about time we put such stereotypes to rest.

    That being said, your body has a language of its own. “Your body speaks louder than words”, and yes it does! Many studies have shown that non-verbal signs of communication leave a stronger and more powerful impact on exchanges and also demonstrate that you have higher emotional intelligence (YAY whatever that is!)


    So here’s how you can be a total Body Language Boss at work, and at home:

    1. Don’t cross your arms

    Remember when as kids we didn’t like something we used to cross our arms and act like we weren’t talking to our parents/friends/ whoever? “Mein nai baat kerti, meri tumhari katti hmmpphh!” YEAH, that. That you don’t want to do in life. Because it clearly demonstrates you’re not open to anything- you’re not listening or agreeing with something. So, put short, you don’t want to stand in front of your boss like this.

    2. Please stop touching your hair

    Okay, we get your dandruff’s being a nuisance or you haven’t washed your hair- THAT ISN’T GONNA FIX YOUR HAIR, GIRL. And if you don’t have the aforementioned problems and you just PLAY with your hair because it’s sooo relaxing, then I don’t have even that much sympathy for you. DROP IT! You’ve probably gotten your entire office running away from you ’cause they think you’ve got head lice. Plus it looks just bad and shows as if you lack confidence, and you surely don’t want to portray that.


    3. Do not make inappropriate eye contact

    Always try to maintain a balance when it comes to maintaining eye contact. No one wants you not-blinking and looking at them with googly eyes because… way too creepy. No one also wants you looking completely away from them, because that’ll just make them think you’re hiding something from them or aren’t listening. Give attention- but only the right kind.


    4. Sit up straight

    You’re not Hunchback of Notre-Dame! Don’t slouch- that puts you in a weak, smaller and powerless position when you’re talking to someone. You always want to sit up with your shoulders back as it shows self-confidence and strength. Don’t also forget to get your elbows off the table and your hands off your face- that’s just a disgrace when communicating.


    5. Smile, but not like a mad-man

    Yes, smiling is a great way to lift mood and communicate with people. But it is also important to know not to smile like crazy… because Joker vibes… hence, creepy. Just don’t smile all the time- that way your smile loses its spark. Smile only at the right place and the right time. Remember that is crucial to your body language giving out a positive vibe. Also, remember to smile in times of stress and deadlines, that’s when you need to demonstrate the most that you’re calm and not completely falling apart (hide the reality gurlzzz) because… you gotta!


    Now that all is explained, go out ladies and seize the day with this new, mysterious and powerful language you’ve learnt! 😉 And, it’s completely alright, if in some situations don’t feel confident from inside, the important thing is to not show it to the world. Instead give them this aura that they feel you are the most powerful girl they had ever met! Also, don’t forget to share it with your friends and brighten up their day!

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