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    Beauty HookedWhat to Do and What Not to Do: Contact Lenses - Beauty Hooked

    Contact lenses can be an amazing addition to your look, and can change your face entirely. But while, being an amazing tool, there is a need to be careful and cautious while using them. Lots of girls wear contact lenses, but many of them don’t really know how important it is to know the dos and don’ts of them, since they are literally touching your eyeballs, so you don’t really want to mess around with them. Some things go without saying, but these precautions should be written and taken seriously for sure. This goes for colored, as well as powered contact lens wear-ers. 





    • Change the solution every week, if you are not using your lenses regularly
    • Clean them thoroughly, if you accidently drop them on your clothes or on the floor
    • Keep your Eye-Drops solution in your bag at all times when you’re wearing lenses to prevent your eyes from drying out
    • Clean your contact lenses after taking them off to clean off any film or oil that might have built up during the time you were wearing them
    • Avoid sprays, like perfumes or deodorants, when you have them on
    • Avoid dusty areas
    • Put on makeup AFTER putting your contact lenses in
    • Take off makeup AFTER taking your contact lenses out





    • Wear contact lenses after they have expired
    • Wear them for more than 8-9 hours
    • Keep wearing your contact lenses, if they irritate your eyes consistently
    • Wear them if they are damaged or torn
    • Wear them after they have dried out
    • Pick them up or handle them with your fingernails, as they might break or have cracks in them 
    • Store them in water, never do that!
    • Share contact lenses with someone else
    • Go near a hot stove or fire, as it might melt them in your eyes




    Follow these rules and it will ensure you don’t have an accident with contact lenses, like those horror stories i’m sure you’ve heard about, which actually has some nasty results. Infections, pain, and even blindness can result from wearing contacts incorrectly and can have a permanent effect on your life. Avoid getting into trouble with these, since your eyes are precious and follow simple guidelines to use contacts correctly. Good luck girls and stay safe!


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