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    Beauty HookedTop 3 Most Bought Foundations & Our Take On It - Beauty Hooked

    When it comes to foundations, you can’t really afford buying them on trial and error basis. It should be a long time investment and at times, some foundations turn out to be a huge disappointment.
    However, the smart approach would be to invest in a foundation that has been as popular locally, as it has been internationally. So, let’s just look into the most bought foundation and whether or not they are BEAUTYHOOKED Approved!


    1. L’Oreal True Match

    As per the product’s recommendation, this foundation is Super blendable¸ non-comedogenic, and has SPF 17. It has a pretty natural finish, not too dewy and not to matte, which makes it perfect for day to day. Moreover, it has a light to buildable-medium coverage. L’Oreal True Match blends perfectly into your skin and gives your skin an even and flawless look. This foundation is particularly great if you have dry to normal skin.  In addition, this foundation comes in a nice variety of shades and most of the shades would go perfectly with our desi skin tones. So, it’s very easy to find the perfect shade to match your skin tone.




    1. Great variety of shades that go perfectly with desi skin tones
    2. Contains SPF in it
    3. Super blendable
    4. Natural Finish
    5. Very long lasting, which is great for summer season



    1. This foundation may oxidize a little
    2. It feels a little heavy while you are wearing it, so you have to be very careful with the amount that you use



    It is for Rs. 2,999.  And it is available at Al-Fatah.


    Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

    Maybelline Fit Me Foundation is by far the most lightweight foundation that we have tried. There are two types of Maybelline Fit Me foundation:

    1. Smooth and Dewy Finish
    2. Matte and Poreless Finish

    Furthermore, it has a gel liquid type of a consistency which makes it pretty easy to blend into the skin. Smooth and Dewy Finish leaves the skin with a subtle glow making your skin look radiant. Whereas, the Matte & Poreless Finish is great for the summer season and for those who have an oily skin. Also, it gives a velvety matte finish to the skin and makes the skin look radiant.





    1.  It is extremely lightweight
    2. Comes in two different finishes
    3. Contains SPF
    4. Easily blendable



    1. It may give a whitish cast in flash photography
    2. Not very long lasting, but can be, if set it properly



    It is for Rs. 1,200.  And, it is available at Al-Fatah.


    Rimmel Long Lasting Foundation

    This foundation claims to last for about 25 hours. This foundation has a transfer-proof formula with a comfort serum. It blends smoothly into the skin and has a medium to buildable-full coverage.
    Moreover, it makes your skin feel hydrated and moisturized. It is very long-lasting and also helps minimize the appearance of pores. This foundation feels extremely natural in photographs and does not oxidize at all.



    1. Extremely long lasting and is perfect for the summer season
    2. Photo friendly
    3. Feels very natural and doesn’t look cakey
    4. It has SPF 20
    5. Great coverage



    1. Not travel friendly
    2. Limited shades availability



    It’s for Rs. 1,725. And, it is available at Al-Fatah.


    Comment below and let us know which one do you prefer and why? We’d love to hear from you!

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