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    Having long, thick, lustrous hair is a dream for us all. Countless salon treatments and DIYs have been tried but to no avail. Of course, thick hair is a genetic aspect and we learn it the hard way! But people with thick hair aren’t all that lucky, they experience hair issues just like all of us do. If you have thick hair, here are some of the mistakes you might be making

    • Having a wrong haircut

    Women with long hair tend to get short haircuts thinking that they will be able to manage them and such a haircut will be low maintenance. WRONG! short hair needs more styling and taking care of. Thick hair needs to be longer with long layers so that the thickness is reduced and become easily manageable.

    •  Not getting regular trims

    Thick hair needs to be regularly trimmed so that they stay healthy and shiny. It can be a nuisance when you are trying to grow your hair but regular trims aid hair growth. Go for a trim every 8 to 10 weeks.

    • Using wrong shampoo and conditioner

    It is crucial to use products that are right for your hair type. Women with thick hair tend to use products meant for curls that weigh down their hair, instead use clarifying shampoo and a light conditioner

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    • Using too many products

    Women with thick hair use a lot of hair styling products like mousse and gel, these products might help in the short run but they are bound to get hair ruined over a period of time. The chemical build-up will lead to dry, damaged hair.

    • Getting chemical to straighten done

    This is a big NO! many women opt for this option in the hope of trying to make their hair manageable but they end up doing a lot of damage to it. Chemically treating your hair will cause them to dry up and make them even more unmanageable.


    What mistakes are you making with your hair?


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