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    Beauty HookedUnique Mehndi Designs You Need To Try This Eid! - Beauty Hooked

    Eid is almost here, and all of us are thinking of what mehndi designs would suit us best! And, at times choosing the perfect mehndi design out of millions of various designs on the internet becomes a fairly difficult task.

    Therefore, we at Beauty Hooked, looked through thousands of the designs and brought you the top few of those, which we absolutely loved!


    1. This intricate design for girls who want a traditional mehndi look:



    2.  Experiment with patterns:




    3.  This is perfect for someone who wants traditional mehndi with a twist:




    4.  Minimalistic,  yet so on trend:




    5.  This particular design  is perfect for engagement brides and their best friends:




    6.  This one gives that oomph factor to your fingers:




    7.  And this one will steal all the attention:




    8.   Traditional, with a classic twist



    Do’s and Dont’s of Applying Mehndi

    • For the best results, make sure that the henna being used is fresh, and not an old one
    • Make sure there isn’t any residue of oil or cream on your hands, before applying mehndi as it may act as a barrier and you might not get the desired results
    • Do sit in a well-lit place so the application can be done as neatly as possible
    • Avoid sitting in the sun during the application
    • Do not try to blow dry the mehndi, as it may end up ruining the design
    • For the best results, it is advised to get the mehndi applied at least 24 hours before
    •  Dab “sarsoon” oil on your hands, after you’ve washed off the dried mehndi for deeper color
    • Warm a few cloves over a pan and place your hands over the clove steam to maximize the color
    • When you mehndi is semi-dry, make a solution of lemon and sugar and dab lightly on the mehndi with a cotton ball.
    • Do not remove the mehndi with water and soap, as it may lighten your final result

    Comment below and let us know what your favorite pattern is and if you have some neat tips and tricks on how to make the mehndi last!

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