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    Blush can instantly add life to your face, on any given day, if your complexion seems a little dull. There are various techniques for applying blush and they depend on a person’s face shape. Certain blush techniques compliment certain face shapes, at Beauty Hooked we’re sharing with you which techniques would suit which face shape, so you can determine which blush technique suits your face shape.



    Classic Blush On

    A Classic blush-on is applied on the top of your cheekbones.


    You begin from your hairline and then blend it towards the apples of your cheeks in an inward motion.

    The movement of the Blush brush should be in a shape of the digit 8.

    You can also apply the blush with the curved angle of a beauty blender

    Further blend with the flat part of the beauty blender sponge.

    Face Shape

    It suits ALL face shapes.


    Natural blush result.



    Healthy Glow Blush On

    To get a healthy glow, just add a tiny pop of color to the apple of your cheeks.


    Apply the blush on the apple of your cheeks in a circular motion.

    Face Shape

    It Suits Long faces, as it gives the illusion of having a wider face by cutting the length of the face.

    It Suits Triangular faces, as the upper part of the face is reduced to enhance the lower part of the face.


    Natural Fresh defined Face without contouring.



    Highlighter Blush

    A highlighter blush just adds a pop of shimmer to your face.



    The product should be applied to the upper cheekbones (make sure not to apply under the eyes) and then blended towards the temples.

    Face Shape

    It Suits ALL face shapes.

    It Suits, Pyramid face shapes by reducing the jawline width.


    It is mostly used alongside a highlighter to enhance the result.



    Sculpted Blush

    This blush technique is used to define the cheekbones without the use of contouring


    Begin from the hairline of the temple

    Blend towards the mouth in a slight downward motion.

    Then blend a little upwards towards the cheekbone.

    Face Shape

    Best for round and square faces to lengthen and reduce the size of the cheeks.


    Chiseled & well-defined cheekbones



    We loved this video by Megan Moore, you can follow her on her YouTube channel here. She perfectly demos everything we’ve been telling you about:


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    Comment below and let us know if there is any other technique you would like us to guide you on?

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