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    Beauty HookedLove Your Skin Using These Winter Skin Care Secrets - Beauty Hooked

    We all know that when it goes cold in our country, our skin goes extremely dry! And, in turn this winter skin drives us crazy with the dryness and all those flakes that you can see sticking out of your cheek from the corner of your eyes but can’t pull out! Because so many of you wanted to know BeautyHooked’s most recommended winter skin care secrets we made a list just for you! We’re giving away some amazingly easy tips to give your skin that beautiful glow it really deserves; even if… the universe conspires against it every year with winter and that irritation and dry skin that comes as part of the package and makes you go something like:


    1) Drink plenty of water

    Okay! Maybe not so much a secret, but a forgotten fact! While, we give water an unusually high priority during the summers, it is vital to remember that in winters we get more dehydrated than we actually do in the summers. Hence, it is most important to keep drinking a significant amount of water every day to keep your skin hydrated and maintained. This is a straightforward and do-able tip to stay on the top of your skin game, so girls, always keep your water bottle next to you.




    2) Use cream-based cleansers

    Cleansers that contain milk and cream contents are more suited to the winters as your skin is more likely to get dry, flaky and irritated. A moisturizing, cream cleanser would be able to rub off dirt and impurities without having to damage your skin and making it dry and prone to flakiness.



    3) Exfoliate regularly

    Due to the buildup of dead skin especially in winters, dull and dead skin can be the highlight of the much loved season. So to get rid of that, you need to exfoliate your face around 3 times a week particularly around your cheeks making it so much easier for you to go back to fresh and glowing skin!


    4) Try a hydrating serum

    Due to the dry, winter weather, your skin needs hydration more than ever. And due to our lack of need of water in the winters, there are hydrating serums to support and keep your winter skin moist and soft. Dry weather and air requires for serums, so in reality you need serums in winter much, much more than you need them in the humid summers. A moisturizer alone can’t really do the work to keep your skin hydrated so you need to use an extra layer of serum under your moisturizer to seal in the moisture; hence get your serum game on girls!  



    5) Don’t forget your sunscreen, ever!

    Even if it’s cold, the sun doesn’t go on a holiday along with summers. So, harmful sun rays still consider your skin a potential target to damage and hurt. Don’t be under the impression that if the weather cooled down, the sun did too, because that’s just the sun playing its games with you (LOL) and you want to be ahead at this game! For this reason, we advise you to always apply sunscreen before leaving your house in order to get maximum protection!




    6) Get a facial done

    With the change of a season, our skin also tends to change along with it. Hence, in order for your skin to adapt to the dry air and cold weather, you must clear out your skin for it to take the transition of your skin condition smoothly and with more ease. Having a clean slate to work with allows skin to be more adaptive to your skin-care routine for the winters. This step makes your skin more welcoming to the changes it feels with different products that you select for it in the winters.



    There, all set and ready to look and feel flawless?



    We hope this blog helps you with tackling dry and dull winter skin problems that the majority of us face, but have no idea how to deal with. Let us know if you follow these winter skin care secrets already. Also, do give us feedback on how your skin feels with these tips! <3

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