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    LIFE-SAVING BEAUTY HACKS: Spring cleaning season is here. Aside from stocking up on cleaning supplies, organizing your belongings and making space for the new season, it’s also a good idea to give your beauty routine a bit of a shakeup. Here are five genius “hacks” that will seriously improve your skin and make applying makeup so much easier.

    Remove Make-Up in Seconds

    Tips to remove that stubborn make-up in a flash, Keep a bottle of coconut, olive or baby oil on your side-table and get rid of all that makeup in seconds, before you doze off after a tiring day.

    Simple & Easy DIY Facials

    Look amazing without breaking the bank or sacrificing your health by using these simple, zero waste, natural makeup hacks.

    1. Use a spoonful of sugar to scrub your face gently, then rinse off. It exfoliates better than salt since it is not a drying agent.
    2. Slice an avocado in half and mix the peel with egg yolk as a natural toner for your face. Wait for it to dry and rinse off.

    Tips for Hot and Humid Days

    1. Dry and flaky skin can be a real setback when it comes to makeup, especially foundation and blusher. On hot days, keep your make-up light as it keeps your skin breathing and you don’t have to look like a melted candlestick. Be sure to check the weather forecast and avoid heavy foundations if possible.
    2. Water is life, but just a few drops of citrus fruit will add extra hydration. The best part: no calories!

    Try out these hacks enjoy your spring to the fullest. Also, let us know in the comments below which hack worked for you?


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