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    Beauty HookedLamest Excuses Pakistani Girls Make On V-Day - Beauty Hooked

    Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. Expectations and excitement are running high among couples. Even if you’re single, you have this urge to go out with your friends to see the red, white and pink on the roads and feel 4eva’ alone! But with the haw hayes attached to Valentine’s Day, do you think your parents would let you out? If not, we’re letting you know of some of the lamest excuses on Valentine’s Day which parents do not buy. And in case you plan to use them, DON’T!!!

    Shadeed lame hona ata hai apko? If yes, you’ve probably used most of these:

    1. My friend is in the hospital, she broke her leg!

    Why would you do this to yourself? This is self-sabotage! :p Have you ever thought your mother could pick up her bag and say, “mein bhi arahi hoon bechari bachi ko dekhnay!” Don’t take this risk, bibi jee!



    2. We have a group project due tomorrow

    Out of all days in the week you have a group project on Valentine’s Day? Hahahahahaaha your parents know you’re 100% lying. :p They’ll also ask you to invite all your friends over for the project, just watch! 😀



    3. I have a surprise birthday planned for my best friend

    Your mother to you: when your father and I weren’t official, his birthday was always on Valentine’s Day. And, he is a July born!

    They know, they know. Don’t be fooled. 😀



    4. I have to go to the salon to get my threading done

    “Ok beta, be back in 10 minutes I have to leave your little brother with you and go out for lunch!”

    Mana laina Valuntoinz in 10 minutes then, okay? Honestly, worst excuse. I mean, did you even consider the duration of eyebrow threading? :p



    5. I have an unplanned makeup class

    Waise tou classes mein jana nai hota, unplanned makeup class mein bhaagtay jana hai? GHAR BETHO! Keep your record at home squeaky clean if you want to attempt this. The parents might just believe you… that too because parhai pe no compromise.



    6.  I need some retail therapy with my friend, because we’re both feeling alone

    Beti aap Paris Hilton nai hain. Sit at home otherwise you’ll need physiotherapy… (cuz chhittar)



    7. That pink shirt you’re wearing is for some cancer awareness campaign

    Hahahahahaha good one but also very lame, bro. They know there’s no cancer awareness campaign happening, you just need to accept it. :p



    8.  I have a salon appointment,  BECAUSE I’m feeling alone and I want to pamper myself

    Oh poor soul, all alone on Valentine’s Day. You should totally go out for a  pampering session, that too on Valentine’s. Pretty believable, isn’t it? 😛



    9. Boss nay extra kaam de dia hai

    As much as your boss would love to do this, he/she may also have plans for this day unless a total loner. So there’s a 95% chance your parents are gonna let you know it’s a lie. Tou aap idhar bhi fail hojayengay.



     So we get to the conclusion that your parents have lived WAYYYY more than you have and maybe also have used the same, lame Valentine’s Day excuses as you or at least heard them before… so they’re not stupid. Be clever this Valentine’s Day or just sit home because your excuse may be too lame to convince your parents. :p


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