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    It’s lovely to see perfectly outlined black eyes. They make the eyes look bigger and more beautiful. Moreover, they give an ideal smokey-eye look to pair with both casual and formal clothes!

    But, what we don’t like is our kajal melting down like we just sobbed a thousand times. It looks hideous, to say the least, and continues to destroy your face more and more with time.

    So girls, when you don’t want your kajal or kohl to spread like a plague of black down your eyes and cheeks, you need to follow the following tips for sure!




    1. Clean your eyes and make the area free of grease and oil



    Before you apply your kajal, you want to make sure that your skin is completely free of grease and oils. You should cleanse and wipe off excess oils around the eyes so that they don’t cause a problem later when you can’t fix your makeup. If you have oily skin, then make sure to use the appropriate products to get an oil-free look.


    2. Use an eye primer or a simple foundation



    Now, when you’ve cleansed your skin and it’s oil-free, you should focus on setting a base for your kajal. That should be possible with an eye primer, which works the same for your eyes as does a face primer for the face.

    Eye primers are used to make your eye makeup stay set for a longer time, so why not use one to keep your kajal set? If you want to get one, get yourself the Luscious Angel Eyes Primer for Rs. 900. It is smooth and has a matte blend that beyond any doubt becomes the guardian angel of your kajal once you put it on.  Otherwise, use your usual foundation on the eyes for the same work.


    3. Try to spend on water-proof kajal



    It is advised that you invest a little in getting a kohl pencil that is water-proof, preferably. One that will be able to tackle sweat or oils forming later on and won’t become a nightmare rolling down your cheeks. Maybelline Colossal Kajal is 12 hours smudge-free and totally waterproof, it’s not very expensive and it should be in your bag at all times. If you want another option, try L’oreal Paris Kajal Magique.

    4. Try to keep your skin dry and free from sweat


    Difficult to do in the summers, but you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. Keep your tools like wipes and Q-tips and of course, your kohl pencil in handy for whenever you need to adjust the kajal line, or wipe it off and apply a new one.

    This will save you from a lot of embarrassment. Moreover, also keep your face powder with you and dab it every time you feel that some oils or grease is forming on your skin.


    We hope this helped you solve your kajal problems!

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    Happy grooming!


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