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    Beauty HookedWhat is Beauty Hooked? - Beauty Hooked

    Beauty Hooked is your ultimate guide to all things beauty… Skin Care, Makeup, Hair, you name it. This is why we’re giving you a guide on how to use Beauty Hooked whenever you need your next beauty fix…


    Beauty Hooked CEO Sahr Said


    You can go through Beauty Hooked Magazine to read a huge variety of articles custom designed for Pakistani’s on beauty, skin care, women’s lives and issues, makeup and various interesting salon reviews that you may need to take note of for that next appointment of yours which you book through Beauty Hooked for absolutely FREE! 

    If you have a passion for beauty and want to publish your articles on beauty and skin care online, then you can write for the Beauty Hooked Magazine for the world to see too…




    We have organized several beauty events, and have expertise in promoting exclusive makeup artists and beauty brands in the past. We have worked with both local and international beauty product companies such as StageLine Professional, Luscious Cosmetics, CoNatural Cosmetics, Artdeco Cosmetics, Essence Cosmetics.

    We have also worked with renowned makeup artists & beauty businesses such as Amina Raja, Toni & Guy, Depilex, Amina Z and Nina G, to organize and market their beauty events and brands, which have had a direct impact on their sales. All our events have been packed events and we loved every single bit of bringing them to you!



    How to Use Beauty Hooked?

    At Beauty Hooked, you can make your salon booking appointments easily through our website where you can view, compare and review Lahore’s various top salons and spas, which our Beauty Hooked Team and Beauty Ambassadors have personally tried and tested.

    We only recommend you salons after we have tried them first so you don’t need to go through the headache of looking for the best one yourself. Our website makes it simple for you to check out the salon prices directly from the comfort of your home, and without the hassle of making several calls to different salons.

    Beauty Hooked is available to you 24/7! So you can book your favorite salon online at any time (even if they have closed!).

    Moreover, whats even better is that most of our partnered salons provide special discounts exclusively to our Beauty Hooked Audience! 




    If you have checked out our salons but you’re confused between two or three of them… 

    Then you can simply give us a call at 0336-3232-889 and ask our Beauty Experts what they think is the best pick for you!  

    You can also use the LIVE CHAT section on our website to ask any questions you have related to beauty, makeup, skincare.




    How to Book a salon appointment with these easy steps:

    • STEP 1: Log on to
    • STEP 2: Enter a salon or service you’d like to see partnered with us in the “Search Box”In the same search box, you can fill in the “Location” you’d like your salon/spa to be. You can choose what kind of service you would like in the “Category” option and you can choose your respective gender.



    • It’s alright if you don’t have any particular preferences, you can scroll down and come to “Featured Salons” below which you will see “View All”. Click on that and you’ll see all salons partnered with us.




    • Then you can filter down salons either through discounts or you can choose one of your own and see all the services and prices in which the salon provides its services. 




    • Once you have decided on the salon, all you have to do is do Step 1 of the process and “Select” the beauty service you are opting for. A “Booking Cart” will appear on your screen, click on the “Book Now” option to proceed further. 




    • Step 3: will be choosing your time and date for the appointment. If you have any additional instructions, you will have the options to add those as well. 




    • STEP 4: will be your confirmation, but, if you haven’t registered then now is the time to. Just register with your mobile number, name, and password and proceed on to the next step to confirm.




    • STEP 5: Your Booking is confirmed and Received at our end! You’re one step closer to beautifying yourself.




    • STEP 6: You will receive a text message from Beauty Hooked confirming your appointment time, date and services, AND YOU ARE GOOD TO GO!  




    Lastly, we would like to say that we love you guys and Thank you for the love back! We hope you found this guide helpful and will stay hooked to us and the world of Beauty! is ever so thankful to the thousands of women who have helped us become what we are. It is only because of you that we’re able to bring you the best beauty expertise and advice.



    Moreover, you can also choose any of our Social Mediums: 

    to drop your questions. And we promise we’ll get right back to you! Furthermore, if you are looking for daily beauty tips & tricks to up your beauty game, you can follow us on. You can also follow our YouTube channel at Beauty Hooked to watch our complete range of takeover videos. 



    Comment below and let us know any questions YOU may have, regarding Beauty Hooked! 


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