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    Beauty HookedHOW TO: Apply Eyeliner Perfectly - Beauty Hooked

    Girls, today you’ll be learning how to perfectly draw eyeliner arrows LIKE A PRO! Yes all eyeliner secrets are coming out. All you have to do is grab your eyeliner after you’re done reading this blog and just follow the instructions! We’re sure you’ll be a professional at the very first try!

    Now, there are a few ways you can go about it, depending on your likability and convenience. This is gonna be a show and tell post, but with very less tell and much more show as your eyeliner cannot be perfect without you seeing how it’ll turn out, right?

    So, here’s how you can do draw eyeliner arrows in a couple of ways:

    1. Dotted lines

    If you consider yourself terrible or rather a newbie to applying eyeliner, you can use this trick to your advantage! Just create dots around your lid and then draw on the dots a straight line. Joining dotted lines? Pfft. We’ve done all that as kids. No biggie, this step! By the end of it, you’ll have a flawless line.



    2. Classic arrow

    If you want to go for the classic arrow, which is winged eyeliner look, it also has a step-by-step approach like the latter. Create a wing on the outer part and then from there draw till your eyelid. When you’ve joined together separate lines and created an outline, just fill it in.This classic look will add more volume to your eyelashes and also make you come off as very charming.



    3. Multicolored arrows

    Now, if you wanna go for something bold and out of the box, try going for this! You can do a classy monotone with black and white eyeliner or even go for something quirky like pink and green! Completely up to you. All you have to do is draw a line, then draw another line on top of it!



    (the eyeshadow isn’t necessary so if it’s not pleasing to the eyes, don’t do it)


    4. Close-set eyes effect

    If you think your eyes are set to narrow, this trick can help to make them appear a bit wide. All you have to do is start the usual line from the end and only come a little ahead of the middle. That’s where you stop. Look at the instructions below for more ideas.




    So her you go, different styles and angles to draw eyeliner arrows like a complete boss! However do make sure your eyebrows are well-shaped and neat, otherwise your look may come across as a bit messy. Also, feel free to add in eyelashes to further accentuate your beautiful eyes. If you want, you can also throw in a little eye shadow, but only before you draw eyeliner arrows! Until next time, enjoy and happy eye-lining!



    Stay tuned for interesting Beauty tips and tricks coming your way. Happy Grooming!  Team

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