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    Contouring has lately proven to be a favorite for all makeup lovers. So basically, the purpose of face contouring is that it adds dimension and definition to your face. You can deceive and get a slimmer nose and amazing cheekbones with just makeup now. Hence, it’s a great way to enhance your good features and also hide a few bad ones. 

    Don’t, however be intimidated by face contouring because of course most of us aren’t trained to contour. Eventually, we end up picking tips from the internet and they may not be very clear to us. It may take time and some practice and you may also end up improvising (not that it’s bad), but some things may look genuinely bad if you don’t pick up on their importance and need. And, you might end up looking like this, which isn’t desirable…



    This is why today we’re going to be telling you what things you need to look out for when contouring. So, let’s get started:


    DON’T apply too much makeup. Be it foundation, concealer or powder, you want to give off a nice, balanced look. Not a cakey, fake one. The more makeup you put on, the thicker and harder to blend in it gets. And, if you do, you’re gonna be sitting with most of your makeup showing on your skin and also making some fine lines and wrinkles very obvious.


    DO invest into a good contour and highlight kit with just two shades. All you have to make sure about is that your contour should be just one or two tones darker than your natural skin color, not any more than that. You don’t need to go crazy buying millions of products in different shades to achieve contouring.



    DON’T mix creams with powders as that’s gonna mess up your look. Go for cream if you don’t have oily skin problems, in turn you’ll get nice, dewy skin to carry off. But if you have oily skin, you should stick to the powders as those give a matte look. Don’t make the mistake of combining the two, please.



    DO make sure that you’re doing the process according to the shape of your face. If you don’t know what you are then you can always find out by reading our blog on identifying face shapes. Each and every face shape requires a different technique of contouring. Some places you may not need to contour on a round face but would need to do on a square face, get the idea? There’s plenty of contouring tutorials according to your face shape available. If you follow the standard contouring, God knows what the model’s face shape is and what yours is, you may end up looking pretty bad by the end of it.



    DON’T forget blush once you’re done contouring as you need to bring a little bit of color and life to your face and that can only be done with peachy, pink tones that blushes provide! Just apply some on the apples of your cheeks and you’re pretty much good to go!


    That’s all you need to know. Now just read ahead to get a basic idea on…

    How to contour your face!

    Step 1:

    First wash your face, moisturize and prime your skin. Then, add the right color of liquid or stick foundation to your face and blend it well with a beauty blender or foundation brush, whichever you like.



    Step 2:

    Now take your concealer, which by the way, should be in a lighter shade, and apply it under your eyes, above your cheekbone and also above your jaw line. You should also apply it to the area above your eyebrows and the area in the middle of your eyebrows. Then move down and apply it on the base or center of your nose, not the sides. Also, proceed to apply it on the middle of your upper lip and chin. Then, just blend it all in till it looks settled in and not cakey.



    Step 3:

    Now it’s time to contour, so take the darker shade and apply it to the sides of your nose, under your cheekbones and under your hairline. Blend it all in too!



    Step 4:

    Apply a dash of blush to the apples of your cheeks. If your highlight is not obvious then you can also brush in some above your cheekbone and on the tip of your nose.



    Step 5:

    Add finishing powder to your face to kind of blend it all in and also remove excess shine from the makeup you used prior. Now shut your eyes and use setting spray all over face.



    Let it dry. And, guess what? YOU’RE DONE CONTOURING!!



    Also, do remember however that some of these steps may change according to the shape of your skin, so always research and take a snap of a face contoured according to your own face shape.

    Here’s more help!



    So this is how you do it. No need to get intimidated anymore. Practice makes perfect, so get contouring now! With love, Team BeautyHooked


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