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    Beauty HookedHow To Curl Your Hair With A Straightener - Beauty Hooked

    Trying to curl your hair using a straightener can be really overwhelming at first, but at Beauty Hooked, we’ve come up with 5 easy ways to curl your hair using just a straightener, we repeat, just a straightener!

    Now how cool is that!

    Since we promised to make it super easy for you guys, so easy, that you’ll be able to do this with your eyes closed! Read on below for all the steps you need to know or simply watch the short video tutorial at the end and get ready to impress everyone with your glamorous hair!



    1) Loose Curl:

    • Take a medium section of hair and flip it once.
    • Pull the straightener quickly to get that loose curl.
    • Keep the straightener straight throughout the process.


    2) Defined Loose Curl:

    • Twist a small section of hair.
    • Flip it once and curl.

    3) Bouncy Curl:

    • Take a thick section of hair.
    • Curl your hair away from face and turn the straightener at 360° until the tail of the hair section pokes back.
    • Place the straightener diagonally and gently pull it down.
    • Wiggle the straightener from side to side if you get stuck.
    • Grab that curl, twirl and spray.
    • Unravel the curl when it’s cooled down.

    4) Tight Crimped Waves:

    • Take a thin section of hair and wrap it around a wooden pencil.
    • The lesser the gap between hair the tighter the curl will be.

    5) Beachy Waves:

    • Clamp your hair in the straightener.
    • Turn the straightener clockwise; slightly pull it down; and then rotate anti-clockwise.
    • Straighten the ends.



    Hope it helps you guys and you enjoy trying it as much as we did! And for more interesting tips & tricks to get Healthy Hair stay hooked to Beauty Hooked! 

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