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    Blow dry is not a hair style, it’s a feeling

    Every woman can understand the feeling of getting a professional blow-dry. Some of you get it to turn heads on a party, some get it to be confident in a business meeting while some get it to cheer up on their bad days (not even kidding).  So it wouldn’t be wrong if we say Blow-dry is not a hair style, it’s a feeling.  The minute you leave the salon: your mood is changed, you are somehow happier, and more confident. YEP that’s the magic of this hair style.

    But what if you want to experience that feeling every other day instead of every month? Having a pro blow-dry every other day doesn’t sound too practical and ALAS doing it at home never gets the same results……………..Until Now

    GOOD NEWS for all the Blow-Dry Loversss!

    We will unlock the secrets of the salon style blow-dry for you once and for all. Read on to become the master of your own blow-dry.

    Select the Right Blow-Dryer: The first step on a perfect blow-dry ladder is to choose the right dryer.

     1. Power:  The greater the power is, the stronger the heat and airflow will be. We recommend to get at least 1800 watts dryer for thin hair and 2000 watts for thick hair to prevent frizz.

    2. Attachments: Make sure the dryer comes with all necessary attachments.

    3. Ceramic Technology: Ceramic dryers emit more powerful heat, It will make your hair straighter, faster, smoother and shinier.

    We recommend

    REMINGTON D3015 POWER VOLUME HAIR DRYER Rs. 5,000. To shop Click Here

    Remington D3015 Power Volume Hair Dryer

    Choose the right brush:  If you are looking for volume and curl (outwards or inwards) then go for a round brush with a barrel between 1.5 to 2.5 inches depending on the size of the curl you’re after. Whereas for a sleek and straight look all you need is a paddle brush.

    Prep your hair: Pat you hair dry with a towel and DON’T rub it to prevent frizz. Use an anti frizz serum followed by a heat protecting spray for smoother hair.
    We recommend

    KEUNE STYLE DEFRIZZ SERUM 30ML Rs1,740. To shop Click Here

    Keune Style Defrizz Serum 30ml

    KEUNE STYLE HOT IRON SPRAY 200ML Rs. 1,900. To shop Click Here
    Keune Style Hot Iron Spray 200ml

    Section you hair: Divide your hair into three parts:  top, middle and nape, and clip up the sections.

    Blow- dry: Start with with the nape section, wrap a 2-to-4 inch section of hair around the brush and pull as tightly as you can. Make sure the dryer is pointing down the hair strand from roots to ends. When each section is dried perfectly, use the cool shot to complete the process.

    We Recommend

    KEUNE STYLE INSTANT BLOWOUT 200ML Rs.990. To shop Click Here

    Keune Style Instant Blowout 200ml

    Seal it: Seal your style for a longer period of time with a style lock spray.

    We recommend

    KEUNE STYLE FREE STYLE SPRAY Rs.1,525. To shop Click Here

    Keune Style Free Style Spray


    It will take time and practice for you to become a pro, but you’ll never have to spend thousands on a gorgeous blow-dry again.

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