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    Health problems and age are two of the main factors that widely determine growth of gray hair. Moreover, not oiling your hair and not filtering chlorine  from the shower-heads can also be the reason your hair can go gray.


    It can be scary for us when we imagine a head full of gray hair, but that doesn’t mean it has to happen. While some of us are never able to accept the gray hair coming in, some of us own gray hair like a boss!

    Everyone has their own preferences, but this blog is for those who choose to hide their gray hair. Most of you react very strongly when you see your first gray hair, mostly like this:


    But it’s alright, it’s part of life, and we’ve got you covered with these simple and amazing ways to hide & conceal the gray in your hair. 😀

    Get a single color from a salon and keep going back for retouches

    The easiest way to hide your grays are to go to the salon and get a single hair color applied. But, you need to stay super attentive about regrowth and get it retouched as soon as you feel you need your roots done. Your roots will come out stronger as you get regrowth, and it can be fast.

    But, if you’re unable to visit the salon for a few days then opt for touch up sprays or touch up sticks for the time being. Try not to treat your hair at home. Instead, salons treat you hair with care and know what is right for you according to the texture and quality of your hair. So, do give it a try. If you want, you can try out these salons in Lahore.

    • TONI & GUY –>
    • IRIS –>




    Get highlights or a brass break

    Moreover, if you want to go for highlights then that is also another option. Obviously, some people like to color their hair with more colors and, highlights are the best in that case.

    Plus, it’s very low maintenance, once done with it. So, you definitely want to consider that. To keep your highlights from getting dull, you should also try to use color-preserving shampoos and conditioners so that they don’t wash off your color and also don’t damage your hair.

    Furthermore, another way to hide your grays is by a brass-break which is when your roots are lightened to match your gray hair. Another great option, but may be harder to do, in this part of the world. You should remember that getting your highlights and brass-break should be discussed at a salon and then only you should decide to go for it. Some of the best services you can avail are at:

    • TONI & GUY –>
    • ALI TEISEEN –>
    • SAGAR & RAHEEM –>




    Get creative with your hair, try root-concealing hairstyles

    If you don’t want to color your hair, you can also try some hairstyles that hide your gray roots. Quite frankly, it may be time-consuming, but if you’re willing to put in some time, then definitely go for it.

    Even though your gray roots won’t be completely hidden, it will still look better. You should keep getting hair treatments so that your hair stays strong and more flexible to different hairstyles. Some of the best hair treatments can be availed at:

    • TONI & GUY –>
    • ALI TEISEEN –>
    • SAGAR & RAHEEM –>




    So, Girls! Grab your bags and rush to the salons to get your hair fix and flaunt your new locks like never before! 😀



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