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    Beauty HookedHere's why your skin isn't smooth in texture - Beauty Hooked

    Are you struggling with rough, textured and bumpy skin? Here’s why your skin isn’t smooth in texture. Continue reading!

    No matter how many products you have in your routine or how expensive, IF you don’t have these essential products and are struggling with texture, you are MISSING out!

    Firstly, never skip exfoliation! 

    Our skin has a natural renewal process. It takes time for the dead skin to shed off naturally. This dead skin gives an uneven texture on our skin which gets removed by exfoliating our skin.

    Our skin produces sebum, also known as oil. that oil mixed with dead skin gets stuck in our pores. The mixture creates bumps on our skin and is the reason why we have black/white heads.

    So, to sum it up, EXFOLIATE!

    Better than physical, we recommend chemical exfoliants that you can use 3 to 4 times a week, at night time.

    Secondly, you need additional treatment. 

    Niacinamide has been an extremely popular due to its fantastic benefits. The two points we mentioned previously, are fixed from this ingredient.

    It helps to even out the skin tone, the skin texture, and even the sebum function is balanced which means no extra oil on the skin!

    Having this power serum is amazing to correct your skin’s texture and you will see the results SUPER soon!

    Thirdly, protect your skin!

    Using spf is without fail the MOST important skincare step.

    Especially when using chemical exfoliants, you need this! spf that also has hydrating will improve your skin’s texture drastically!

    Lastly, moisturize even if you’ve got oily skin! 

    This is a big mistake a lot of people make, they avoid moisturizing oily skin.

    If you are using a cleanser of any other product that deep cleanses or mattifies your skin, you must not skip moisturizer.

    Pick gel like textures that hydrate without leaving greasy heavy feeling behind!

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    And this our lovelies is how you get texture free, flawless skin!

    If your skin isn’t smooth in texture and you’ve tried it all, act on this advice and get ready to glow!

    *Disclaimer: All articles published on Beauty Hooked are based on heavy and thorough research by our beauty consultants, makeup artist and experts. All products recommended have been tried and tested by us personally and only then recommended to you. All these products, at the prices presented, are as of the publication date of the article. Prices presented in the article may vary across retailers in Pakistan depending on the retailer’s margin

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