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    Beauty Hooked5 Best Editing Apps To Make You Look Picture Perfect - Beauty Hooked

    It’s about time most of us accept and stop denying that we don’t like looking like a total bomb in our selfies. And, while some of us have exceptional skin, some of us don’t and we’re often unable to like ourselves in pictures. That’s when makeup editing apps come in and save the day!




    Smartphones don’t automatically correct blemishes and other flaws on your face upon taking a picture, hence the need to have some makeup editing apps that can cover up a few things here and there.

    So, today we’re giving you some app names that can give your pictures a quick fix and give you your best look at the tap of a few options:



    This free app available for Android and iOS is beyond cool! Its description says that it does a million things and you initially think those are lies. But nope, it actually does so much and that too, all for free. You can fix blemishes, do your makeup, add filters to your pictures, make collages and basically do all things great to your pictures with this app. Which is why it has over a 100 million users all over the world!



    Visage Lab:

    Upon adding your selfie to this app, it will fix literally everything in your picture. All blemishes, marks and wrinkles! It will make your skin appear smoother, at times may seem a bit artificial. AND it will also whiten your teeth. What won’t it do? That too in a matter of seconds. Available free for Android and iOS.





    This one allows you to whiten your teeth and even sculpt your face and move certain facial features up and down, or even slim them down.
    Of course along with basic things like removing blemishes, spots and dark circles it has a double exposure feature which is SO COOL! Available free on iOS.






    Perfect365 is an app that allows you to apply makeup, enhance your skin and color and your eyebrow color. You can even whiten your teeth with separate tools. It will also let you customize your face… no not just adding makeup and all, this app has a higher game. It will customize your facial features!!! If you want to move your cheekbones or jawline up and down, it’ll do that! Available free for Android and iOS phones!



    YouCam Makeup:

    Great application that can be downloaded on your phone to provide so many cosmetic features and options! You can work on your eyes, lips, face, your teeth, in fact, practically anywhere! If you want, you can chose to have a facial makeover and see what your best look is, before you actually try it! How cool is that? If you want this amazing retouching tool then head over to the Appstore (iOS) to download it absolutely free of cost!



    So here you go! So many makeup editing apps with so many features to choose from! They can really help in retouching your photos and also adding filters to them if that’s what you want! We hope you liked this article and found a useful app out of it! And, for more stay hooked to

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