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    Do you spend less and save more just because you think products are too expensive and might not turn out well. We understand all your worries but not now because we are today telling you what products might be worth it.

    So lets jump in with the hair care products first!

    Hair Care Products that are WORTH THE SPLURGE

    So girls we know many of you may take care of your skin but at the same time may forget to take care of your hair.We care about your time and money so to save your money from investing in the wrong place. We tried, tested and recommend you the BEST of products mentioned below.


      Now shampoo is a product we use everyday isn’t it? What if we told you its better to buy a good shampoo rather than changing a shampoo each and every month. Its better to stick to one shampoo and be consistent as you have to give products time to take effect. Switching products too often will prevent you from seeing results. Here’s is the List of Shampoos that works well on every hair:

      1- Conatural Hair Repair Shampoo (Click HERE to purchase)
      2- QOD Argan Oil Hair Shampoo (Click HERE to purchase)
      2- Mana Sweet Orange and Rosemary Shampoo (Click HERE to purchase)


      To all those busy girls who go to their work or are the ones who are always in a rush, tend to forget to use a conditioner. Well do you know if you don’t use a conditioner you might experience splitends, roughness, lacking shine in hair and we know you definitely don’t want that. So it is essential that you use a GOOD conditioner. You hear us girl? A good conditioner to prevent your hair from further damage.A conditioner that works well on every hair:

      1- QOD ExtraBody Conditioner PH 4.0 (Click HERE to purchase)


      You must be thinking whats the point of adding hair serum to your list when you’re already using shampoo and a conditioner. Here’s the thing hair serum repairs the frizzy damaged hair.  Hair serum works from inside out from penetrating the hair cuticle and nourishing hair shaft making each hair healthy. Some serums also works as a heat protector and gives a smooth and shiny look. A serum you must try is:

      1- MANA Shine So Bright Hair Serum (Click HERE to purchase)

      Skin Care Products that are WORTH THE SPLURGE

      Moving on to skincare products that are worth the splurge and you wont regret it.


      Are you worried about your panda eyes and that around your eye area your skin might be causing wrinkles and premature aging?!?! So here, bid farewell to tired eyes, puffiness and wrinkles. One of our tried, tested and loved eye cream is:

      1- Aura Craft Eye Therapy (Click HERE to purchase)

    5. LIP BALM

      Who doesn’t want to have pink plumpy lips?! That is why  lip balms are necessary as it helps moisturize, protects, and smoothes the lips. Also it helps the lips into reducing lip discoloration. A lip balm you must try is:

      1- Botanical Wonders Orange and Citrus Lip Balm (Click HERE to purchase)
      2- Botanical Wonder Lavender Lip Balm (Click HERE to purchase)

    6. FACE OIL

      Face oil seems strange to you? Face oil helps fight free radicals that damage your skin. Also it works best on mature skin by promoting skin elasticity, protecting the skin from sun damage, evening out skin-tone and restoring skin’s natural moisture. Take few drops in your hands and apply it onto your face and the face oil will work its magic!! A face oil  you must try is:

      1- Aura Crafts Revive Face Oil (Click HERE to purchase)

    Spending must be hard but spending in the right products may save your day and would be worth it all along. Do let us know in the comments below what products do you use that you found worth spending for.

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