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    Beauty HookedTop Salons For Hair Dyes in Lahore - Beauty Hooked

    Good hair dye salons can be a difficult task to find! And with Ramadan coming and Eid following, you know you need to have your favorite salon booked and ready to give you a gorgeous hair makeover for all those iftaaris and Eid dinners. Hence, today we’re here to help you with find the top salons and the best hair dye services.

    A lot of times we don’t get our desired colors, bad salons rip us off and turn our hair orange… yes, that happens. And since we love our hair, we absolutely need to be sure of a place that treats our hair like the gem it is. So, here are our top 5 picks for the best hair dye salons:


    1. Toni & Guy

    Toni & Guy has a spectacular hair team and we couldn’t be more impressed of the their results! They are one of the best and most visited salons for hair color services because of their special attention to detail. This salon has gone on to win various awards for it’s catwalks to client philosophy and continues to make fashion statements every day! To check out their prices with an exclusive 15% off via BeautyHooked, go to: or







    2. Ali Teiseen

    Ali Teiseen is considered the master of all when it comes to hair color! His fabulous team consists of the most trained and experienced artists and of course, himself. If you get your hair done from here, people are gonna go WOW! Literally! A little more on the expensive side, but hey, with exclusivity and great work comes a price! Check out their hair color services & prices and book online 24/7:






    3. IRIS

    IRIS has a team of professionals who leave you really happy with your hair colors! They’re even more the best when you need color corrections or sort out any of your hair dye crisis. Count on them and you’ll see why we sent you there! To check out prices and book appointments, head to:





    4. Ruby’s Splitends

    Ruby’s Splitends is known for its extra ordinary and wide variety of hair services.The hair artists are known over Lahore to give you absolutely great color services! You’ll get your favorite color and love it here! Check out the prices with an exclusive 15% through Beauty Hooked where you can see their services menu and book 24/7 online:






    5. Depilex

    Depilex is run by beauty maestro Masarrat Misbah and has enjoyed a great reputation from customers because of the exceptional hair coloring services it provides. It doesn’t hurt your wallet but the team makes sure you go home happy and very much satisfied. To check out prices head over to:





    Here you go girls, hoping it’s helpful in letting you decide where to go for your next fabulous hair color! Comment below and let us know what you thought!

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