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    Makeup trends go hand in hand with the changing seasons and the glitter is not a new one to add some drama to our makeup look. Everyday we see Instagram is flooded with glitter related posts from glitter tears to glitter roots.




    It certainly is a fun trend in ones makeup regime, as it can add a magical light of color and shimmer to ones face and gives a youthful charm. Moreover, glitter makeup is perfect for a night event or a special occasion or any festivity and is a must-try.

    Living in a fast track social media world, glitters and sparkles are making waves everywhere. Especially, when talking of glitter eye makeup the product varies from powder shadows, gel shadows to glitter liners in gold, silver, green, blue and rainbow hues.




    We believe that glitter eyemakeup is one the most magical way to add that wow factor to ones entire look, matched with a sleek cut outfit. First time glitter users may get a little intimidated by its use, but there is no need to worry as as glitter comes in many textures. So, go for a powdered glitter eye shadow or for a more catchy look, choose a pair of glitter particles with a cream based eye shadow.

    Furthermore, one way to apply eye glitter is to make it more prominent with applying a glitter base, like electric blue. Then, contrast it by adding a thick eyeliner to make the eyeshadow more obvious.

    A light glitter liner can be applied on the inner corner of the eyes as well, to make them pop out more. Moreover, the eyes could be further beautified by drawing a thick glittery line right on top of the eyelashes. Then, that line when continued outward like a cat eye, will give you a whole different look.

    Another trend these days is glitter lips, which also gives a more glamorous look. A classic bold oxblood lip would intensify the evening glamour look even further.




    So, ladies if you like the glam effect in your makeup, then you would definitely love the glitter makeup.  In Pakistan pressed pigment glitter palettes can be easily purchased from Beauty World for Rs. 1,500, so check them out here:

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