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    Your face shape is an important aspect of your look. And so in order to let your face compliment you, you need to know the right looks for your face shape. Similarly, in order to know which hairdo or makeup look would suit you, especially which angles in contouring, you need to be aware of your face shape. Hence, we at Beauty Hooked are going to let you know what you need to say YAY to and what you need to say NAY to! 😉

    For instance this you need to say NAY to, because this hair does not compliment the face shape/cut at all…


    Often times our overall look and satisfaction drops, because we don’t know what the right kind of look for us is. And yes, no matter how great it looks in magazines and pictures on someone else, it won’t necessarily be the case for you. Models may have different face shapes and face cuts, which may be drastically different from yours. So yes, your face shape plays a very important role.

    Now all you have to do is grab your measuring tape or ruler, and measure out certain areas of your face to make it easier to identify:

    a) So for your forehead you should place the end of your measuring tape at the top most peak of one eyebrow arch to the other eyebrow arch. Take the measurement, write it down.
    b) For your face length you should go to the mid of your hairline (where your hair ends and face starts in the center) and measure from there to your chin tip. And, take down the measurement.
    c) Coming to your cheek-to-cheek width, measure with the tape across your upper cheekbones. Place your tape just around the bump under the outer end of your eye and stretch it to the other end. Write this down too.
    d) Lastly, you need to measure your jawline by going from the tip of your chin till the part where your jawline goes upward or curves upward. Now multiply your result with 2. That will be your jawline measurement.

    And voila! You’re ready to figure out what your face shape is! 😀

    1. Oval

    Considered the best kind because almost every haircut goes with this one! In this case your forehead must be larger than your jawline and your face length larger than your cheekbone measurement. Your jaw angle will be round.


    2. Round

    In this case your face length and also your cheekbones will be around the same length. Moreover, your forehead and jawline will also be a similar length BUT your face length and cheekbone length will exceed your forehead and jawline length. And, your jaw angle will be soft.


    3. Sqaure

    Your jaw angle will be sharp in the shape, but, all your measurements will be round about the same.


    4. Triangular

    Your face can be any length in this case. No set criteria for this. However, you will most certainly have a large jawline, smaller cheekbones and the smallest forehead.


    5. Heart

    If you have a heart shaped face, then you have pretty wide cheekbones and a wide forehead. Whereas your jawline will narrow and pointy, just like it’s shown in the picture below! 😀


    6. Oblong

    Your forehead, cheekbones and jawline will be almost the same size. however, your face length will be much larger than all the others.


    7. Diamond

    Just like a diamond, your chin part will be pointy. In other areas, your face length will be the largest. Then a little smaller would be your cheekbones, then your forehead and the smallest will be your jawline!


    Also, do remember that your face will not be the exact shape and size but instead would resemble it! So don’t expect to have a 100% match completely! :p And, if you’re still confused about your face shape and can’t figure it out, just ask someone to observe your face and let you know which face shape yours is closest to!


    We hope you enjoyed reading this post and found helpful information! Do keep coming back to our Magazine to find out more, because we have the answers to almost all your problems and queries! Trust us. 😉

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