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    Beauty HookedHow To Get Rid Of Oily Scalp & Greasy Hair In Summer

    Do you really need to suffer more, when the scorching summer heat is just enough to torture us to death?

    We think one of the worst parts of summer is dealing with the issue of greasy hair and oily scalp in the heat! But do you know why it happens? It is because our sebaceous glands are most active in summer. Hence, the heat makes our hair oily, smelly and also makes the scalp itchy. BUT not to worry, there are certain habits you can adapt if you want to get rid of an oily scalp and greasy hair! 


    Shampoo well

    The most important step is to shampoo properly. A lot of people dont understand that there actually is a “right” technique to washing hair. Focus on the areas which produce more oil, like areas behind our ears, the front part of our head and the back of our head. Rinse out the shampoo well so that there is no trace left behind, and use a good conditioner after every 2 days for the best results.

    There is also an ideal quantity of shampoo that one should use.  It should be just slightly more than a Rs 5 coin.


    Also, we all agree that shampooing daily gets a little time consuming and damaging for the hair. But don’t worry, there are several alternatives to this, so read on  for the alternatives:

    Dry shampoo

    At times you don’t have enough time to shampoo your hair, that’s when using dry shampoo is the best option! This is a God gifted invention in today’s time when we have busy schedules and no time to deal with our oily hair problems. Just put a little bit on the oily regions of your head and you’re good to go!


    Got Some Old “Desi Totkas” 

    Apple cider vinegar, in diluted form, can be kept in spray bottles. If  it is applied two to three times a week to the hair, it can help reduce the oil secretion slowly. Moreover, egg yolk applied an hour before washing hair also controls the oil formation. Yogurt is another option which can help control grease and excessive oil in your hair. 




    Home Made Hair Fresheners 

    You can also use some talcum powder or any baby powder on the greasy parts of your hair which will absorb the oil. There is also perfumes, wet wipes and hand sanitizes which help absorb the excess oil from hair. Just spray, swipe or massage any one of these onto the roots for best results. You will however need to check which option suits or doesn’t suit you before you think of using this as a long term approach. 


    Head accessories

    The last thing you can also do, in case you are super short on time, is to cover your head with hair accessories. An additional benefit of covering your head is that it helps to protect your head from the sun!


    So, there you have it girls! Some quick ways to keep your head looking fresh- if it is or not thats a different story. Do comment below to let us know what your secret tip to have oil-free hair this summer is!

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