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    Beauty HookedHow To Get Fuller Lips - Beauty Hooked

    In today’s world of fuller lips, Kylie Jenner and every other makeup artist aiming for the full lips look, we can’t help but be pulled towards this craze! Good, defined and full lips make us go WOW at the very sight, but unfortunately not everyone has big, plump lips. Some of us are left behind when it comes to this much-loved trend. However, it doesn’t hurt to deceive the eyes a bit, does it?

    Here’s why today we’re giving you some great secrets to keep. These secrets will be your guide on how to achieve fuller and plumper lips… so that you don’t feel left out. And, while a lot of people go for the injections, there are easy and wayyyy more affordable ways to achieve that same look. Because honestly, trends go in and out of fashion and no one needs to be spending so much on cosmetic procedures to get that look when they can still have it by spending very less money.


    So, here’s how can get those fuller lips:

    1. Make your lips bigger naturally

    Mother nature has all the answers to our worries and problems almost every time. Which is why it also has the answer to make your lips bigger. How? CINNAMON! Spicy cinnamon mildly irritates your lips and makes them swell for some time. It has almost the bee-sting type effect on your lips… so like, get your hands on this DIY cinnamon lip scrub right now!

    All you have to do is take 2 tbsp of coconut oil, 1 tbsp sugar and 1 tbsp of ground cinnamon. Blend that all together and scrub on to your lips. And voila! Your natural lip plumping scrub will do wonders! P.S. You’re going to want to eat it, you’ve been warned.


    2. Fake a larger canvas

    For this, you need to start by redefining the boundaries of your lips. Yes, it’s gonna feel a little odd once you apply your lipstick but you gotta do what you gotta do. 😀 You just need to pat foundation on your lips and out of the lip line to kind of blur out the boundary. This way, when you apply lipstick you will be able to extend it slightly out of the line. And because your lips and the extended area will be the same color because of foundation, you’ll easily be able to fake it without looking like a total clown. Thank me later.


    3. Two lip colors

    Okay, so you need to hear me properly about this one. This step is much like contouring, but lip contouring. In this you use two lip colors- light and dark but same tones. At the middle of your bottom lip you use a lighter shade (you can even use a white pencil for the light color part). Elsewhere you can use a slightly darker shade. Then just blend it all in with a lip brush and it’ll give off plumper and defined lips!


    4. Finishing touches

    Now, you can do this step at the start and skip your lip pencil or do it at the end. In this you have to use sheer concealer around the edges of your lips. This will give out a neater and more graphic look. Trust us, your lips will look at least 2 times fuller than they did before!



    So girls, this is it for today! We hope you liked this tips and we also hope they help you in getting those perfect fuller lips without wasting so much money on it. Just a little time and effort will go a long way! Stay tuned for more and stay ooked to BeautyHooked!

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