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    Beauty HookedHow to get Fairer Skin with these 5 Fabulous Products - Beauty Hooked

    “How to get fairer skin?”, is one of the most-asked question on the internet in this region, and we have the answers! While skin brightening is only a choice, many of us feel that due to societal pressures we should give-a-go at becoming fairer.

    However, I disagree and think you are perfect in your own skin. But, I do understand it is still difficult to come to terms with darker skin tones. Hence, we felt we must do something about it!

    In our country, most women are left feeling self-conscious and low on self-esteem due to this very factor. Although, it may be alright to use products to get fairer skin, we should always remember to use high-quality and safe products, because so many creams which claim to make you fairer in one week have highly harmful ingredients that are excessively damaging to your skin.

    Recently, news circulated about some Pakistani Fairness Creams being banned in the United Kingdom, because of the harmful and poisonous chemicals that are being used in them. These chemicals may make you fair but in the long-run will give you a long list of health problems, stretching as far out to skin cancer!

    So, girls! Please do not use those creams to save on money. Invest in products that are of good reputation and that follow proper health standards. Some of the names mentioned were Golden Pearl, Stillman’s (yes this one too!), Faiza Beauty Cream and many more. You can watch the entire video here

    So, without further ado, we said that we have the answers to skin fairness and that is why we want to give you a list of all the products that won’t harm your skin. Here are five of them:

    Oriflame Bright Sublime Advanced Brightening Day Cream

    This one is a great moisturizer powered with Multi-Bright Technology and Gardenia Plant Stem Cell extract for a brighter and even complexion. It diminishes blemishes and dark spots and also works to smoothen your wrinkles gradually. Additionally it has SPF20 to protect you all day long from sun damage!


    Olay Natural White 7 in One Glowing Fairness Cream SPF24

     Containing SPF24/PA++ Olay Natural White Cream nourishes and protects your skin from UV rays to avoid skin darkening and premature aging. It lightens your skin tone, brightens dull skin, reduces appearance of dark spots, it evens out your skin tone, smooths skin and moisturizes too! That’s 7 things in one cream, what more could one ask for?


    The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso Whitening Night Treatment

    This product is gentle on sensitive skin and leaves the skin smooth and hydrated for a long time. It’s not very heavy and not greasy as well, making it easier to absorb into the skin. It claims to even out your skin tone in 4 weeks so that’s good news! It doesn’t need to be applied in big amounts so there’s value for money. It’s actually effective, however, you may need to use a little bit of moisturizer if it doesn’t spread well. Ultimately this night treatment will be leaving behind soft and glowing skin.


    Clarin’s Bright Plus HP Brightening Hydrating Day Lotion SPF20

    This lotion is so good. It isn’t very heavy on the skin and settles in like a feather. It has Sea Lily extract which is basically good news if you want to get rid of dullness, dark spots and an uneven skin tone. It also protects you from the environment and in a few weeks time your skin literally gets brighter and radiant as ever!


    L’oreal White Perfect Total 10 Day Cream SPF30/PA+++

    If 7 things in one product weren’t enough, this one claims to tackle 10 of them! Whew! It’s got quite some work cut out for itself. Smooth and soft in texture and to be applied in the day, it claims to erase dark spots and even out your skin tone. It promises to give you fairer and brighter skin.

    Also, it claims to give you a long-lasting glow, protect you from shine effect and pollution. It is anti UVA and UVB, it’s anti-oxidation and also rids you of oily and greasy skin. Wow! that was a lot of typing. Oh well, it’s worth all the typing when it does all the work! This one’s got your covered!



    So, girls remember to take extra care of your skin. Do not experiment with or use potentially dangerous products to brighten your skin!

    You can also make use of home remedies to lighten your skin tone and blemishes. Most of all, we want you to be happy in your skin and be confident. So, take care of yourself. Don’t set unrealistic and photoshopped images your goals, smile a lot and continue to shine!



    We hope this helps you, and for more stay hooked to BeautyHooked, because we love you!

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