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    “What her great grandmother used is still better than any similar product in the market right now”…


     As a third generation custodian of a business built on a lasting and growing legacy passed on from generations to generations, Amna’s Naturals & Organics is a lesson of history taught in the world of today. The product is a story of Family secrets and recipes passed on from her naani to her mother and now, Amna herself, who presents the art of health and beauty in the purest form, through products that bring history to life.

    So we heard about Amna’s products a while back when rumors got to us that the burnt almond kajal that she produced did not smudge around the eyes like almost all the commercial Kajal’s available in the market right now do. Obviously that had to be a rumor right?!? Afterall, a kajal that doesn’t smudge is really unheard of, and one of the biggest reasons we stay away from Kajals all together.  But if a kajal like that really did exist, wouldn’t that be a dream come true? Especially for students and busy women who just don’t have the time to makeup and sometimes a delicately kohl rimmed eye is all you need to up your look for the day. So when we got her product in the mail today, with a little request that said: ”Please Test & Review” we were overjoyed and beyond excited to put their claim, and rumor, to the test!



    Made from the soot of burned almonds and covered in desi ghee, their Kajal and its packaging is a portrayal of splendor and femininity. It is all natural and organic with no chemicals or additives.



    We loved how old school the whole product, the packaging and the idea was. Sometimes it feels great to get back to our roots, and the video of amna demoing the product below will show you the pure and “nani ka zamana” type vibes  of the product itself.



    We tried the product, and left it on for 12 hours. Within this time we washed our face twice (with water only) and also sweated it out at the gym to make sure the product matched with an active and busy lifestyle. After 12 hours, the product was still intact and smudge less, without any irritation or raccoon eyes.



    The rumor is true, the product does not smudge and is one of our favorite beauty finds for this week! It is BEAUTY HOOKED APPROVED!



    Price: Rs. 550/-

    To place your order, you can visit www.amnasorganics.com and/or www.facebook.com/amnasorganics


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