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    Easy hair looks for date night

    Have to get ready for an impromptu date night but your hair’s a mess? We’ve got you! Here are three easy hair looks for date night for you to rock!

    Look No.1

    Straighten up your hair! Straightening your hair is a classic. And what’s sexier than flaunting your long, shiny locks!?

    Look No. 2

    Waves for days!!! Add waves in your hair with a straightener or curler and make them last for days! Not only do they amp up your entire look, but they also give you an edge for reusing your already done hair for more than one day.

    Here’s a pro tip for those who do not want to introduce heat to their hair. Braid your hair. Braiding causes bends in your hair locks, giving you transformed hair in minutes.

    Here’s how to do it!
    First thing’s first, make sure your hair is damp. Damp hair twists easily and helps the hair retain its shape. Braid your damp hair, remember, the tighter the braid the tighter the curl!

    Now if you can wait it out, wait till your hair gets completely dried. If you can’t wait, then quickly blow-dry your braid or braids and open them up. Spray your hair and go flaunt your sexy locks!

    Look No. 3

    In a hurry and have no idea what to do to your hair? Go for a HAIR BUN! Split your hair from the middle and tie them in a bun. Take some hair spray to tuck in the strays and voila!

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