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    Beauty HookedDo's and Don'ts of color treated hair! - Beauty Hooked

    Got color-treated hair and just can’t manage it? Has your haircare become ten times more time-consuming since getting your hair dyed? Check out this article and say goodbye to all your hair problems! Here are our top five, easy as ABC dos and dont’s for color-treated hair!

    Do invest in color-enhancing products!

    DO invest in color-enhancing hair products. Products that are Ammonia-free and are specifically designed for color-treated hair will make the color appear brighter and shinier. They also play a role in protecting your hair!

    Dont shampoo so often

    When your hair is color-treated it’s better to shampoo twice a week. Those with oily or fine hair can shampoo up to every other day. Avoid clarifying shampoos altogether, as their cleansing agents can strip hair of dye pigments.

    Dont forget to condition!

    Use conditioner every time you shampoo, and keep it in your hair as long as you can before rinsing. Conditioners soften your hair and are extremely essential after dying your hair, especially with bleach! Conditioners take away the dry rubbery texture!

    Do use the right hair brush

    A great brush can prevent fading, breakage and promote shine in your hair. Since you’re hair will be so dry after getting it dyed, brushing your hair will feel like a chore, so its best to invest in a good hair brush!

    Dont overheat

    High heat can cause dull color by making the hair cuticles rough.  Use heat-protective products like sprays and serums to prevent damage.

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